Two nights in a row downtown:

  1. Monday – Went to see the Red Wine Boys aka Jon Benjamin and Todd Barry’s comedy variety show. Guests included Eugene Mirman, Yo La Tengo and Brenden Small. Jon and Todd had zero prepared material and pretty much just relied on their innate funny. My favorite moment of the night was Brendan Small in his Captain Mustache character doing an impersonation of Louis Armstrong, Fat Albert and Bill Cosby hanging out (voices only).
  2. Tuesday – Followed through on seeing the Head Set at Crash Mansion. You know you are getting older when you can go to an open bar and not get “open bar drunk”.

Side note — I posted the event on and let the band know they should post there also. They posted April 9th’s show here. I’m finally optimistic of having a centralized, authoritative, complete repository (and RSS feed) for concert and event information.


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