more fun with desktop search for mp3s

I was in the mood for some Missy Elliott so I opened up Copernic Desktop Search and put in Missy. I didn’t really appreciate Missy’s role as a “featuring Missy E” in so many songs. Here are all the songs that feature Missy in my collection:

  1. Beyonce f. Missy – Signs
  2. Janet Jackson f Missy – Son of a Gun [remix]
  3. Mariah Carey f Missy – Heartbreaker [remix]
  4. Juvenile f Missy & others – Back that Azz Up [remix]
  5. Redman f Missy – Dat Bitch
  6. Angie Martinez f Missy – What’s that Sound
  7. DJ Clue f Missy & others – Busa Rhymes (??)
  8. Eve f Missy – Ain’t Got No Dough
  9. Fabolous f Missy – Sickalicious
  10. Ghostface f Missy – Tush
  11. Lil’ Kim f Missy – (When Kim Say) Can You Hear Me Now?
  12. Method Man f Missy – Say What
  13. Mr Cheeks f Missy – Lights, Camera, Action [remix]
  14. Nelly f Missy & Mobb Deep – Playa
  15. Tweet f Missy – Oops (Oh My)
  16. Tweet f Missy – Big Spender
  17. Wyclef Jean f Missy – Party At Damascus
  18. Blaque f Missy – Ugly
  19. Monica f Missy & Busta – So Gone [remix]
  20. Timaland and Magoo f Missy – Cop that Shit
  21. Christina Aguilera f Missy – Car Wash
  22. Method Man f Missy – Bring the pain [remix]
  23. Da Brat f Missy – That’s What I’m Looking For

I haven’t counted yet, but I think she is a rival for Busta Rhymes as the most common featuring artist.



  1. What about me? I do a lot of featurin’. I can also posture and front. And I have ho’s in a variety of area codes.

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