Apps I rely on

  1. chrome Google Chrome. Fast, slick, great. I love the “Create Application Shortcuts” which let you turn a web app into a faux-desktop app.
  2. Outlook 2007. I know the complaints, but it works v.well for me and yes, I’ve tried GMail.
  3. Checkvist. The best keyboard interactivity of any web app ever
  4. Sciral Consistency. Recurring task management
  5. Songbird. iTunes, you are banished until you suck less.
  6. Tweetdeck
  7. Live Sync and SyncToy. Sometimes you need realtime sync, sometimes you need batched updates.
  8. Digsby. Be careful on install to deselect the shady crapware accessories.
  9. MySpeed Can’t live without it anymore
  10. WinDirStat
  11. Notepad2

Business services and apps we rely onImage representing Mosso as depicted in CrunchBase

  1. Mosso Cloud Sites (by Rackspace).
  2. Mailtrust (also by Rackspace). Expensive, especially considering the popular Gmail-for-domains alternative, but their service is superb and, for now, it is worth it. Also, they let us mix Exchange accounts with cheaper IMAP/POP accounts on the same domain.
  3. Beyond Compare. A staple of my workflow since 1998
  4. Virtual PC + IE6 App Compat VPC Image
  5. Handbrake
  6. PNGGauntlet
  7. Universal Uploader 

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Personal recap

  1. I am five weeks away from being a dad
  2. I am now working on URDB full time
  3. I moved apartments. From Upper West Side to Hell’s Kitchen @ The Atelier
  4. We moved offices. From SoHo to DUMBO @ Green Desk
  5. Dealing with an IT band injury
  6. In the market for a commuter bike. So far, I like the idea of a belt-driven, disc-braked, internal-gear-hub setup like this Trek Soho.

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