inexplicable hesitance of breaking a twenty


Coming back from a delightful lunch at the ESPN Zone in Times Square I had that urge to buy a 20oz Diet Coke with Lemon or Lime treat. All I had in my pocket were $20s and my immediate reaction was “hey, forget that idea, I’m not going to break an Andrew Jackson just for a bottle of Coke”. This makes no sense whatsoever. Why do we do this?

This all led me to thinking about currency and whatnot and how we are just so tied to it all because we’ve gotten used to it. Here’s my plan: Abolish the penny and the one dollar note. (yes, I know I’m not the first to think of either idea) Think of the positive impact on the economy. Wouldn’t you be much more likely to spend $1 Sacagawea gold coins than paper notes? I would. I’d be more willing to drop those in charity buckets than I am paper money. Wouldn’t you like to not have to deal with those stupid dollar reading soda machines?

And the penny, well that’s just ridiculous, we should have dropped it a long time ago. Most high traffic bodegas and lunch places in NYC round pennies (sometimes more) off anyway now.



  1. … you know what would be *really* crazy … like bordering on ludacris would be … to have one *and* two dollar coins and relegate bills to $5 & above (and put hockey players on them), maybe make them different colors so you can tell the difference at a quick glance, and what about braille on them too so we don’t screw over the blind … nah … nobody’d ever go for that …

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