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Somebody named Honeybchickie posted a comment to an old post of mine regarding Megatouch and EPH (Erotic Photo Hunt).

Hey! What was the highest you ever got at Photo Hunt??? I am on the same mission in my town and am trying to find somewhere online where everyone can compare there scores across the US. Help! 😉 Thanks!

So I am taking matters into my own hands. I created an EPH high score Wiki here on Coreyh.com. Feel free to edit the page as needed and mess with the formatting.

Link to EPH High Score Wiki

What is a Wiki?



  1. LOL Do you really want me to send the pics??? Surely to gawd there are other addicts out there like lil ‘ol ME???

  2. I wish there was a photo hunt game online, the closest thing I can find is "critical seeker" and that doesn’t really count. I do not have a screen shot or anything but I have personally gotten 365,000 by myself. With a few of my friends we had a score of just over 405,000…. anything above 400,000 is very, very difficult. Anyone else want a mega touch machine in their house? 🙂

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