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~B250011222 (WinCE)

Proof that I completed the November Beard Club Challenge. Notes: A) I took this picture first thing in the morning right before I shaved it off — that’s why I look so tired/high B) Clever snoops will notice in the EXIF data that the picture was taken on 11/25. I had my ten year high school reunion a couple days later and I didn’t want to show up with my beard and have to explain the whole November Beard Club thing and be remembered for the next ten years as “Corey: oh yeah, the guy with the beard.”

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Our office is having one of those Office-Space decorate your cube area deals (akin to Hawaiian shirt day). The “fitting carolers area” which is people I work with, but do not sit next to, decided to add me as an honorary member of their zone. You can’t see it so well in the small picture, but those are bobble-head style face pictures mounted on little springs. While I was in a meeting the other day they added me (on the right) as a little elf guy. So as I’m coming out of my long meeting a guy in the office points at me and goes “hey – little elf, nice.” Well right before I punch him in the face I think to myself maybe there is a better explanation for his comment and hold back. You would think I might be upset with the little purple elf, but it is so well executed I just can’t help but love it.

~B190003asdf (WinCE)

That’s my desktop thermometer. 84 degrees. Sweat shop temps. I took this picture to send to the facilities people. Prima donna reputation be dammed.



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