long haired jesus

StoryjesusheadJust one quick thought on the Jesus sandwich — which sold for for $28,000 — or the latest x-ray image.

Didn’t Time magazine run a photo put together by some scientists (yes I know, how silly to reference Science) recreating what Jesus probably looked like? I couldn’t find the image I remember, but CNN links to a similar effort that appeared in Popular Mechanics.

Now, if you were Jesus, and you chose to mess with us Earthlings by placing your face on grilled cheese sandwiches and in dental x-rays, would you choose to go with the effeminate renaissance artists-rendering version? I mean, there was a real guy walking around at one point and I don’t know how thrilled he is being recreated like this rouge wearing version.


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  1. Hey, thats the guy that was in front of me at JFK. The crack security team pulled him aside for a "thorough search".

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