lazyweb: green datacenter cooling

imageI help my father’s company with their IT stuffs and work (on Notches) out of their office. The room next door to my office is the server room. We control the environment completely.

To keep things cool there is a standard window air conditioner, which the building facilities people cut power to once the cooler weather set in, and a giant APC NetworkAIR PA unit like the one pictured at the right. It has a network interface with all the alarms and whatnot you’d ever need and works fine.

Except it is nearly winter time here in New York and the air conditioner is running nearly 24×7 using gobs of power to cool air that is available for free. If I could guarantee a temperate range, I could just open the window!

So LazyWeb: Does anyone know of a cooling solution that has a thermostat and network monitoring but that just uses cold air from the window that is three feet away from the servers?

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