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imageGreen stuff excites me. It appeals to my innate desire for optimization. I’d be doing this even if the Earth wasn’t in trouble.

It feels too good to be true, but my carbon profile is getting damn near neutral these days. One change I made a couple of months ago was to switch my home electricity to 100% renewable. I think most New Yorkers would be surprised to find out this option even exists.

With the deregulation of power, Con Ed is forced to allow customers to choose their own electricity supplier. If you look at your current bill you’ll see that it is broken up into supply and delivery sections. I went to this site [Power Your Way] which lists all the power suppliers in New York state, went through one by one looking for 100% renewable options and ended up going with Energetix.

Sign-up was incredibly simple since there is no bill. They just piggy back on the ConEd bill and I make my payment just like before. Nothing changes for me except now I get my power from 75% hydro-electric and 25% wind power.

I waited to blog this just because I was worried about “catches”, but there haven’t been any. While I don’t have an exact price comparison for you, I know it is within 15% of my previous rate (and remember this is just the supply portion). My bill for October was $75 which is normal for this time of year for me.

Bonus links

  • I posted this before, but I use My Personal Kyoto every month to track my electricity usage. Here’s my yearly usage graph: 
  • It isn’t perfect, but I Am Green, the Facebook app is interesting.
  • I buy carbon offsets for my car (which gets 40+ mpg, drive very little and nearly always with a passenger meaning 80 mpg-per-person) and whenever I fly from Tags: , , , ,

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