This blog started life out as .TEXT 0.95. The people who made it decided to turn it into Community Server, a blog+gallery+forum package and released version 1.0, oh about two years ago I guess. I tried at the time to upgrade then, but there was a number of problems with 1.0 and I decided to wait. CS is now a mature product, but the .TEXT migration is an afterthought for the developers at this stage. The deal breaker for me was not being able to easily keep the same URL format. I absolutely did not want to break links that are already out there. The research I did said I needed to create complex regular expressions and URL mapping which I was in no mood to tackle. I posted on the CS forums for help and even offered $50 to anyone that could walk me through what I needed to do. I was ignored.

Fortunately I was already reading Phil Haack’s blog and he is leading development of Subtext, a fork of the original .TEXT project.

So I moved to Subtext. Much much easier. I’m happy so far. The project is being actively developed, the focus on simplicity and blogs is appreciated. I promise to stay current this time. I apologize if your RSS reader reset the feed and you got 20 new posts which are actually old posts. I’m still working on fine tuning the skin and settings, let me know if you see anything wacky.



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