ReverseDOS – muhahaha

 One of the main reasons I had to upgrade the blog software was blog spam. You might have noticed I shut down comments entirely about a week ago. Well, I was getting up to 100 blog spam posts per hour. I had implemented database triggers that I found via NetNerds.Net, thanks Chrissy. But they were no match for the relentless assault I was enduring.

As I just mentioned, I’m now on Subtext and they have implmented ReverseDOS from AngryPets. The way it works is you have a file full of regular expression keywords and their DLL gets hooked up as an HTTP modules in ASP.NET, so whenever any incoming requests come in, the filtered list gets queried, and if there are any matches, the component actually hangs the connection on purpose, tying up the spammers resources and eventually returning a 403 error.

Now, instead of just deleting the spam when it reaches the database, I’m killing it before it even reaches the server and on top of that we are fighting back. The DOS part of ReverseDOS is for Denial Of Service.

I do have a suggestion for the team though. It comes with your standard keywords for blog spam, which involve pharmacetuical drugs, casino games, etc. But I have had to add maybe 30 keywords/sites in the last 24 hours and I suspect I’ve got to continue this for a few weeks until the spam subsides enough to really declare victory. Well, I know I’ve mentioned Cloudmark before, my choice for email spam removal. It works by building a network of people, so that if a certain number of trusted users blocks a piece of spam, it is blocked for everyone else. This has worked incredibly well for me, and I’d love to see something similar for ReverseDOS.

So in that spirit, I created a wiki to share config files. Check it out at The password is “poker”.


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