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I mentioned a while back I mentioned that I was using Office 2007. I have also mentioned that I use Plaxo to keep all my tasks (and calendar and contacts) in sync between home and work and laptop. Seems Plaxo isn’t 100% compatible yet with the new task style in outlook 2007, and who can blame them, it is only in beta 2 at this point and there are still many rough edges.

So as a temporary measure, I decided to try an online todo list, and via TechCrunch I tried Ta-da Lists, found it lacking, and then went for Remember The Milk.

A terrible name to be sure, but quite I like it. First off, they have one of the best Ajaxy signup pages ever, it tells you in real-time (as you type) whether your login name is taken and whether your password meets their requirements or not. The features match what I was looking for pretty succinctly. There’s even a comprehensive list of keyboard shortcuts, some of which are damn near required — changing task priorities without the handy 1,2,3 shortcut is inelegant. Check out the list of reminder options:  Email, Google Talk, AIM, GaduGadu, ICQ, Jabber, MSN, Skype, Yahoo, plus a crud-load of mobile providers.

Anyway, this will work really well until Outlook 2007 goes RTM. Chances are I won’t stick with this just because I really love the way you can flag messages in Outlook as tasks. So much of my tasks start out that way anyway.


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