fans are just little heaters

Something has been irking me during this heat wave. My office is always a little too warm, 79 degrees at the moment according to my desktop thermometer, it has been known to hang out around 82 in the afternoons. Because of this, everyone has those little desktop fans going full speed constantly.

Let’s revue what fans actually do, a) they blow air from a cool part of the room to another warmer part, which does not apply at all in our situation since we’re all sitting in the same air and b) air blowing on you feels cooler because of the way the skin works, with sweat evaporating off you, and whatnot. But with a) not in play, and b) if you aren’t in front of the fan, it is nothing but a little heater, the electric motor puts out heat and increases the ambient temperature.

At the end of the day I go around and shut off everyone’s fans after they have gone home. !!

Not to mention the folks that turned off their XP power management, so the monitor stays on 24/7 or the circa 1997 Matrix screensaver, that causes the CPU sensitive computer fan to spin up to 100% and pump out hot air all night long.


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