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ThingermagicYou know how there are tools that exist that make what your doing pleasurable and you find that you actually want to do whatever work is involved? For me, a while ago it was the 38 gallon butterfly $189 trash can; I seeked out trash just so I could use it.

I picked one of these up for a couple of cents back in my Boston days and I relish opening mail. The chore becomes so effortless, the sound it makes ripping open (and so cleanly!) the envelope is addictive.

Well, y’all should get one just for that alone, but I just found another fantastic use: cutting pages out of magazines. Putting those little Cargo magazine tabs in the pages works, but you have to keep the whole magazine and if you’re like me have a stack of the entire production run with little tabs sticking out just waiting for the cash flow situation to justify that $450 slim-line laptop case or whatever. This little guy rips right along the spine making a clean cut all along. I now just have a Manila envelop with the loose pages waiting for it to be accidentally discovered, say around Birthmas time. (my birthday is the day after Christmas, dual presents – hence Birthmas)


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