a nice place to have a drink


[photo credit Emily Wilson]

[that’s Vinod striking a pose]

I work in the fashion district and our office is close to Bryant Park. Some of you New Yorkers might be familiar with the bar at Bryant Park, but you probably only know about the one on the North side that gets mucho crowded and rubs me the wrong way for whatever reason (crowding aside). There is a better option if you go South, climb the stairs to the upstairs part of whatever this restaurant is called. The view is better, the breeze is better, the crowds are thinner. They also have what is affectionately known, by us, as Liquid Crack or Liquid Cocaine, aka Blue Point Summer Ale. A regular beer with an explained potency means one or two is all you need. I should be clear this picture was taken during the “you don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here” phase of the evening.



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