Downloading the pictures from Beach Party 2004 using the normally stellar XP Picture transfer wizard thing I pointed the files to be saved into a folder that doesn’t exist anymore (partially my fault, partially MS’s) with the “delete pictures after copying them” checked on. So you know what comes next, the pictures vanished. Fortunately I have experience with undelete and the memory cards on cameras. Basically its pretty easy to do. I purchased Undelete from Executive Software makers of Diskeeper – which I swear by. Downloaded the installer and chose the “emergency recovery” option when the installer runs – you don’t have to actually install anything. A few clicks later, the pictures are all restored good as new.

Note, undelete works well in these situations because the camera card isn’t being used to write new stuff to like your c: drive does avoiding the possibility of writing over the data you are looking for. Also, though I recommend undelete for these tasks, I don’t like their recycle bin modification thing that gets installed when you install it. There might be a simpler, cheaper tool out there, but I knew Undelete and had success with it.



  1. It doesn’t matter who deletes the files. When you delete a file only the pointer to the file (and the first character of the file name) disappears, the file stays until it is written over by something else.

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