Your humble blogger is just a bit humbler — I did not pass the Who Wants to be a Millionaire quiz.

There were about 100 people in line when they let us in, many daytime tv watchers in town on vacation, a few postal working jeopardy wanna-be types, and miscellaneous others. They lead us all into a cafeteria type room, hand out the scantron, #2 pencil and individually numbered envelope with 30 questions inside. Ten minute time limit. I made it through the first half with a really good feeling that I nailed almost all of them. The second half was trickier – questions ranging from ancient Greece (who was Cleopatra romantically linked with before Marc Antony) to soap operas (what soap takes place in Pine Valley). While I felt I did ok I knew I was going to get a few wrong there. Put your pencils down, time’s up.

Note, to this point nobody’s looked at my personality questionnaire, talked to me or taken my picture.

They announce, almost immediately, the numbers of the folks that passed the test and move on to the next round. #73 was not called

I guess if I want to be on TV and win a million dollars I’ll have to rely on something else besides smarts. Sexy bachelor? Daring Fear Factor guy? Knower of grocery prices?


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