My coworkers and I are among the top erotic photo hunt players in New York City.

Erotic Photo Hunt is a game consisting of two nearly identical images of the cheesiest semi-nude “models” you can imagine set in “classy” backdrops where you must identify five differences in a ever-shortening time period.

We took the step of dividing up the team into specialties – hair, apparel, background, with secondary targets of footwear, breasts, pool balls.

The idea of canvassing the city (Manhattan only) and claiming high score spot domination has been discussed. As has attempting to find an expensibile angle for the $4,000 street cost of a Megatouch Force 2004 so we can practice during breaks at work.

UPDATE: I have added a wiki to track locations for EPH/Word Dojo as well as high scores. the password to edit is ‘coreyh’.



  1. Corey your demented but beyond that I do believe that myself Maggie, Jessica, and Jake could kick your asses at Photo Hunt. Our skills are impecable. And call me if you ever visit the bean.

  2. Hey! What was the highest you ever got at Photo Hunt??? I am on the same mission in my town and am trying to find somewhere online where everyone can compare there scores across the US. Help! 😉 Thanks!

  3. whoa! me too! I love this game….i’m so addicted. 400,000 is my high score. I’ve got the high score at like, 7 bars in the Center city (Philly) area!

  4. Hi, I’m from Oklahoma and my highest score for megatouch’s erotic photo hunt personally is 460,000. But the highest score with me and group of two of my girlfriends, we’ve gotten 533,000 earlier this month. And then about a week ago my best friend and I got 560,000.

  5. i defy 5 of you to break me and my buddy Fries’s record of 453,000+ at any time.

    You can call all your friends and play on a 50 foot TV screen for all i care, but you will not score 454,000.

  6. I have gotten 700,644 alone and 872,879 with a partner. I dare any of you to beat me. We are unstoppable. You can see our idiot-savant-ness if you live in Chicago…We own the board at over 6 bars in Chicago with every high score over 500,000

  7. Allright….I wish there was a larger forum to talk about this in…there have to be more addicts out there than just me. Last night I played with a friend and we got 1,112,792. I have a camera phone pic of the scoreboard for doubters….

  8. Holy crap. The high scores in Virginia range in the 3,000,000 – 3,800,000 area. …and with the new 2005 upgrade, they’ve made all the pictures incredibly difficult that nobody’s even broken 3,000,000 anymore.

  9. what is the trick to it? how do you get that high score, we cant break 400,000 because it gets to fast, is there a trick to it or bonus rounds, how is it possible?

  10. I don’t know how to break a million, but I do know that they scores increase dramatically at the higher rounds and that scoring well in the early rounds is critical to being able to score high. In other words it is how you play all the way through, not just at those rediculously fast rounds at the "end"

  11. yeah true, but even if we do well up to the 300-400 range we dont really ever break the glass ceiling, i swear there must be a trick, or a better way to manage the higher scoring areas

  12. My wife and I set the top score ANY time ANY where at erotic photo hunt. For the people asking about the trick to the game… there is none. You just have to be quick and you will notice trends on where there are usually differences. For those of you bragging about scores in the millions?… That’s a bunch of bullshit and don’t listen to these retards. Also, I disagree with more points being scored for passing the higher rounds. I do; however, agree with the statement that you have to solve the early rounds as fast as possible to get a really good score. Hope this helps, and to the liars… you suck.

  13. Okay Taint-

    I said I have a camera phone picture of the score board. so why not e-mail me and ask to see it rather than calling me a liar? it’s totally true, I got a new solo high score last night of 725,124 and my friend and I have broken a million twice and 900,000 4 times. And yeah, the other person was wrong, you don’t get more points in the higher rounds. My friend and I aim for getting 100,000 every six round up to at least 400,000 or 500,000 and then it takes longer to get each additional 100,000 because the time goes faster. When we got over a million the first time we took 76 rounds. So I guess your wife and you don’t set the new top score anytime, anywhere. Unless you can beat my 1,112,792. holla! still have the picture, naysayer.

  14. Uh, kids, Why not leave the game alone and try to score with some women! Oh that’s right, the only naked women you can score with are on the game! Here’s some ky and a Hustler, have a nice night losers.

  15. do any of you know how to get photohunt on computer? Just wondering….such a fanatic….preciate it….lata

  16. i love photohunt. they recently took it away at our bar in denver because an older bartender thought it was obscene. i like babes. hunks is distracting. who wants to look at wang all night. they should get hardcore erotic photohunt. that would be good. anyone know of other photohunt bars in denver?

  17. Wow U guys in the USA have phothunt too, we have it in our local pub in England, mine and my friends top score is 417,000, I have no idea how u hit 70 plus rounds, there must be like 100’s of u playin!!!

    I agree though there are certain trends to look for in the game, like if its a jungle scene most of the differences are in the background, things like that. Wow never knew how many ppl are addicted to the game!!

  18. I’m much better playing PH alone… probably because that’s how I started. When I attempt to play with other people, they always hold their hands in front of the screen and block it. I spend more time knocking their hands away then I do playing… very annoying! Anyway, my top score is 770,000. I play in the southeast Cleveland area, and I’ve never seen one person with a score like mine around here… love that game!!!

  19. Christs College Cambridge. 23rd May. Enter Pete C. A Hero. Glass in hand. 577,000 on his own.

  20. Word Dojo. When I first started I was wondering how people could even break 600k, then I realised that on the bonus round the letter on the right has a multiple to it O_o; so I began playing with that letter a lot and my scores today were 1.8m+ and 1.5m+. Moral of the story, 50x score is very nice. If you’re in Melbourne, Australia, please go to China Town arcade and take a pic of high score for me, name there is Joonz. If I get a camera I’ll post it too ^_^

  21. Damn 1,600.000 on word dojo thats incredible. My high score is 1,400,000. Does anybody here ever play Chip Away im wondering what some high scores are. I can get 697,000. Just curious and does anybody play quick match i can get 494,000. Just wondering.

  22. hey i live in sydney and that game is pumping also down here, especialli amongst the millions of fobs that sail across shore to study down here. But anyways me and my friend play photo hunt and word dojo and there is no way we could get 3mil at photo…. either i need a new partner or versions are different across countries.

    we have started a mini competition against the ppl who work at where we play the game (its called Playtime) and yeh they sort of have the edge on us at word dojo, plus they have an unlimited supply of 1 dollar coins.

    plz can anyone give us tips on how to absoulteli blow them away on the scores next time we go to play???

    btw my friend and i on photo hunt use the pause option so the game asks u "Would you like to quit the game"… during this time u can see if there are any differences in a limited area…. does anyone else do this???

  23. I live in london and am encouraging the use of games like Word Dojo . Only on 1,3 million so far , but I bet thats down to differences in the language only! there are some words on those machines that dont really exist and some words that do exist that arent on there. From reading the comments on this page the Bonus letter is the way!

  24. In denver there is a neighborhood bar in aurora called the plainsman on peoria….they have it……I used to have one in a club i owned in wheatridge…..two of my cocktail waitresses and myself only got 515,000….i have huge doubts in the million plus crap……lol….i’d like to see that camera phone pic

  25. come to champaign-urbana to find some of the best photo-hunters around. are we drunk when we do it? yes. but… we would still kick anyones ass. bring it bitches. go illini

  26. over 3 million? virginia learn how to read. i was probably 300,000. kids… you might be a little young

  27. My high scores on different games on Megatouch are as follows:

    (They are all solo, without anyones help, all by myself)

    WORD DOJO: 1.54 million (without looking at the letter on the right in bonus round)


    JUMBLE: 54,500

    HOOP JONES: 540+

    MATCH EM UP: 400,000+

    FOUR PLAY: 1,830,000

    Can anyone beat these scores solo, without any help? Wanna set up a challenge match? I will travel anywhere to play against anyone in any of the above games.

    I can e-mail screen shots of these high scores taken by camera phone to anyone interested. Contact at

  28. Sure, I’m up for word dojo Tanman, I do look at the letter on the right in bonus round, and I also put my right name in the high score, yes, I do solo, with other people I tend to do more poorly, and get only the low to mid 1 million but my since everyone there refused to believe the blank name with 3million score was mine, I had to take a deep breath and break it, I broke it with 3,498,000 or so and I finally put my real name "Joon Ming" over there ^_^. So come on down to Melbourne and let’s have some fun with Word Dojo ^_^. Or worst come to worst, find a friend who lives in Melbourne, Australia and ask them to to China Town arcade, the one on Russell Street in between Bourke and Lt. Bourke Street and check the first Mega-Force machine near the Ghost Squad machine, all 3 machines are mine but the first one is the best, it’s the smoothest so that one I have 3,498,000 or so score, the 2nd is crap, you cannot hit the letters at the side because the alignment is really bad, so I only got around 1,480,000 score, and the 3rd machine I got 2,200,000 or so score could do better… but whenever a smoker comes then I game over since I have weak lungs.

    And for those who want to challenge me ^_^, drop me a mail at Or if you want a hint, I can give a simple one that is pretty obscure but I’m sure you veterans know it already. Did you know when you drop those bonus 5k or so golden balls down, you also get a small time bonus? And if you do it really well in 3rd round/bonus, you can actually go from red time back to yellow time? Of course it is very taxing on the mind and this idiot came over and played the machine next to me and was puffing away like a chimney so I could only play with one hand over my face and coughing half the time. This was when I was around 3m score but I could only go another 450k before I had to leave the machine though I had 3 more red bubbles left to puke, yes sad to say I have weak lungs >_<; and so ended my streak, well fair enough, if I went on any longer and I got another lucky streak and went on and on and on…. and got 4million plus, I think everyone who even goes near the machine will be like "O_o;…. WTF?" I have an old digital camera so if someone mails me short instructions on how to make a link, I will be happy to post it.

  29. AND DANNYS I might come down to Sydney, can you recommend the best place for Word Dojo, in short a machine where the screen is not glitched (you can actually select the letters without any problem), and hopefully smooth. I have crashed half the machines I played already, thankfully they reboot but that makes me waste my 1 dollar >_<; Easiest way to crash it, spot 4 words with brass balls above (2 or 3 for best results) and make the words extremely fast, the whole game will paused, turn black, then the machine begins to reboot =D, talk about annoying players eh? Wish it would stop that, always spoils my streaks.

  30. Hmm, pictures are quite poor but you can still see the top 3 scores, sorry about the flash blinding the centre area but that should be fine ^_^; and sorry, I made a mistake, it wasn’t 3,498,000 but 3,598,643 and for the 3rd machine I hit 3 million today.

  31. damn kids i dont know how u guys get 3 million, me and my friend hit 564,000 in 38 rounds. we did notice that the game slows down once you get past round 35ish, or maybe were just that ill. its sad our next goal is 600,000 and u people are going for 3 million, i dont get it.

  32. yo someone should set up a website where people can send in their scores along with a picture and whatnot. it would be sweet to see what we are ranked among other people becuase obviously the competition on the home front is weak.

  33. lol ^_^, raydon01, you seem to be a little lost, the 3million plus is for Word Dojo, for photo hunt I already have problems going close to 500k so you’re doing well. Chill bro ^_^, and I agree a website would rock ^_^, I’ll love to submit Word Dojo though my Photo Hunt is pathetic >_<; alas alas.

  34. hey Joonz sure i will hook u up with the best machine down in Sydney…. i just read ur post and i think i kno now why u get such high score in word dojo…. our machine version only gives us 2k for brown ballz and doesn give us a time bonus… and maybe this explains why everyone has such obscene scores… cause we are playing different version machines…

    btw raydon01 where do u live??? cause i think we are playing on the same version machines… we manage to get around 550k+ on photohunt also… and around stage 35+ the time slows down for some reason…

  35. i live in jersey, and it definatley slows down, me and my friend got 785,000 last night, and used only 4 time bars in round 52. i would also like to state that on the first round we broke 18,000 and used no time at all. Ray and Shan are the shit.

  36. Yo, found a newer version of the machine. There’s no time bonus, only got 2m for it, but don’t worry, I’ll get 3m soon enough…somehow >_<;…. not going to be easy! Wish me luck!

  37. whoever the fuck said they got 3 million in word dojo is so fucking full of shit that his eyes are brown. Not a chance church pants. Not true. Dont believe anything this douche bag says, he or she is the biggest lying pile of shit ever. If this tool shed produces a picture, I will apologize, otherwise, you think you know, but you have no fucking idea my friend.

  38. If the pictures aren’t enough, you can ask anyone from Melbourne to check it out, or if you want a different angle, tell me, pity I don’t have a camera phone so have to use a digital camera with it’s stupid flash.

  39. My friend and I scored 492,000 at our local bar but when we went to do different bars to get the top scores we realized that the game is not the same. Which is when we realized that there are a shitload of different megatouches out there. So anyone gloating about high scores shouldn’t. If there was only one megatouch machine that everyone in the world had than you can tell your scores. But that is not the case. I know for a fact that the one we play on could never reach the million status. so start telling everyone what model of megatouch you play or stop lying.

  40. Mega Touch Force 2004. That’s the name of the version I play. There are a total of 8 versions, ranging from Mega Touch Force 2005.5, Mega Touch MAXX Jade 2, the Mega Touch Force 2004 and the older 2003 variation. The e.V.o versions of Mega Touch uses Mega Touch Force 2005.5. Is that enough for you? If you want to narrow it down then my highscore is for the Mega Touch Force 2004, though the variation in the versions do not affect the scoring or the time you have, only some machines may lag if older versions which gives you in actual reality more time. Well, I’m sick of arguing with skeptics, if you have a friend in Melbourne, tell him to meet up with me and I’ll show him how to score over 2million without much fuss. Either way, every year I go somewhere in Australia, this year it’s Perth, Western Australia, if any of you skeptics are from there or know anyone there, just ask them to mail me the location of the arcades with good touchscreens and I’ll make the effort to put my name there. Just mail me the locations before end of November when I fly down. Honestly, you all are as annoying as the people in the arcade who still wouldn’t believe the score until I played a stupid game for each of them on each of the machines, so I will just similirize the circumstance. Just bring the challenge to where I am and I’ll do it, fair enough?

    AND DANNYS, can you contact me through me email or something when you’re free? I’ll just give you a few short things to test on the Word Dojo on your arcade’s machine to find out what version it is. Might go to Sydney for next year’s Hillsong Conference and hopefully can visit and aracde or two during that period.

  41. Ok, so this is strictly on the the topic of Erotic Photo Hunt, none of this word dojo crap (I mean the topic of this discussion is photo hunt after all). A few hours ago, (on the night of July 22, 2005) me and my best friend, under the name RAY AND SHAN, compiled a score of 1,148,863. We were playing on a Mega Touch Force 2004 at a local pool hall arcade in jersey. Obviously we dominate the top ten, the lowest score being 741,418. I have a picture on my phone of the leader board, and although I’m not sure how to transfer that onto the internet I will either find out how, or take a picture with a digital and get it up. I would love to know if someone has a better score and would be able to prove it. If not, I guess you might as well all start worshiping RAY AND SHAN!

  42. you word dojo mothers, the ray and shan enterprise played a couple games of word dojo and got 1,146,375. Wont be long till we own everyone at word dojo too. any other games you bitches want to talk shit about.bow down to the photo hunt erotic masters

  43. To all the dinkies here who don’t believe Joonz scores: JOONZ ROCKS, I personally attest to the fact that Joonz scores are legit and genuine because I have been able to do close to 3 million too with a lotta practice. Joonz Da Man, he cannot be beat.

  44. RAY and SHAN: DREAM ON, you guys will never be able to beat Joonz high scores. Bee16 keep trying, Joonz is the man.

  45. Hey Joonz! Valander here, you’re a freak in that game. Saw you get the 3.1 million score and even forgot to put your name for that one, lol, though didn’t see your 3.58m whatever score. You’re the only person who plays it with both hands literally and if it weren’t for that damn woman who came to play next to you smoking like a chimney you would probably have gone on forever. It was priceless, you’re wheezing and choking and the whore couldn’t care less. After that you just strode off leaving the 3.1m score blank, and you weren’t even on red timer left, you had like nearly all yellow timers for that one. Try out the arcade in the suburb that Ron plays at, the one with cheaper arcade games on Thursdays, heard the China Town arcade was raided by the police and they currently have it closed for inspection and all that crap. Well, I guess it’s better that way, otherwise you might bloody hit an 8 digit high score on a good day. Seriously, get a life man, and exercise more you look like a zombie whenever smokers come near you. Not that I’m complaining. I broke 2.2m before the arcade was closed, will beat you someday…probably when you’re blindfolded, yeah, that is a fair enough handicap for someone like you.

  46. Don’t remind me you arse, you didn’t help tell her to get lost. But then again what can be done. I’ll be busy this semester so take your sweet time catching up to me and do drop me a sms when you find a nice new arcade, not one of the dodgy bars please. Cya then Vale, drop me a buzz when you wanna go play or something, I just live upstairs anyway.

  47. Hy, have life…if you ever actually knew a female, you would know that women love that game far more than men. And they almost always choose to do the naked women. I have hooked up with 3 women (10 years younger than me too) that I basically met by playing this game. (One calls it Naked Girl Game.) And I could have done it more times had I wanted.

    There is another ithing that is pretty common. the person who feels the need to post crap like you did on the internte are ALWAYS the ones that are not getting any . You project your own loneliness on others as a self defense mechanism.

  48. multiple versions of erotic photohunt make these pissing matches moot. we have maxed at 560,500 on what we consider the most common version, can’t recall the specs on the machine. about round 38ish. not long ago we stumbled into a bar with an EPH where the time never sped up and all of a sudden we were pushing a million in round 60 or something. got bored and left for another beer. so the people who say they get a million+ need to find one of the new "common" machines. who knows, maybe different regions have different machines.

    anyway, 560.5K is our best, set in pittsburgh.

  49. 540 on hoop jones. wow, thats awesome. is that making every shot, with double shots on either end? i thought my score of 410 was decent!

  50. Sal, use the lantern to slow time, that’s the trick I’ll give to you. Do it right and you’ll have double the time to make words, that’s all I’m going to say since jkf doesn’t like me blabbing so much ^_^. Though admittedly he’s right in the fact I was annoyed that even with two pictures people don’t believe it so yeah, apologies to jkf and I’ll refrain from posting, just mail me if you want to argue/ask/debate anything.

  51. Mail me or leave your email address. As long as you don’t leak out to too many people how to do it, it’ll be fine, it can cause the machine to crash, which is why I rather the use of this be limited.

  52. Could anyone let me know the secret to beating word dojo? The highest we have gotten is 1.2 mil. What’s the deal with the lantern? Are you supposed to use the balls with the green circles around them or let them drop?

  53. Play Word Symphony on Yahoo Games is like Word Dojo and can be played online. Look under Word Games and download it.

  54. Joonz- you are the shit. thanks alot for the tips. I’ll do my best to try and top you, but I’m not sure if thats possible- lol Thanks again!

  55. Can we somehow download naked chick photo hunt to play online??? please let me know!!!


    a devoted customer!!

  56. Yo, to those I told the lantern trick, for the Megatouch 2005.5 edition, there’s a slight variation, you no longer can suspend time, but you can still slow time, and at 2 red bubbles on the timer, you can do what I mentioned, and it’ll make those 2 red bubbles last like forever =D. Well, good luck, I finally found a new arcade with Word Dojo, yay! Well, laters all.

  57. Last night I did 1,651,000 on Word Dojo all by myself without the lantern trick. Few days ago I did 479,000 on Erotic Photo Hunt solo. The pictures start repeating and the trick is to memorize the differences for each set of pictures.

  58. With the lantern trick I have done 10,000,000 + on Word Dojo and could have gone on for ever but got bored and stopped.

  59. I like Photo Hunt, but I love Word Dojo. That game kicks ass. My own personal score was 1,455.900 and that ‘s with out any help from a friend.

  60. All you guys suck at this game. I live in Hollywood and we have a team with shirts and everything. We go around to different clubs and hustle people. So you better watch out. My high score is 6,856,352. beat that bitches.

  61. I work at a bar. My co-workers and I are always trying to beat each others high scores on word dojo. There is one particular girl who cannot be beat (so far). Could ya send me the lantern trick so I can knock her off of her throne?! pleazzzzzze?!!!

  62. Okay, I don’t know what this lantern trick is for Dojo. My best score playing with a friend is 2.12M. My highest score after round 2 is over 740M, which is about the max you can get. That’s from getting 2-12 letter words at the end of the 2 rounds. After round 1 with a 12 letter word at the end you would end up with over 340M. I think that without this lantern trick my friend and I could get over 2.2M but that would be about the max.

  63. I started playing photo hunt about 4 months ago and have been steadily getting better at it. Today I achieved a solo high score of 678,672 playing by myself without any help from any one else in about 44 rounds on a Megatouch 2004 with time speeding up until it is super fast after 30 rounds. Following is the link to screen shot of my high score:

    Ray, Shan and divertente watch out, your solo high scores will be demolished by me soon.

    In Hoop Jones my high score is 555. That is with double baskets at each end and without missing a single shot.

  64. could someone please send me the instructions for the lantern trick and any other way of scoring more points for that matter on word dojo, i am a devoted word dojo warrior, although i have only been able to top out at 1, 150,000. Desperate need to get the high score, peace from athens, ga

  65. can any one help? I can’t seem to beat my friend at word dojo or feeding frosty. I’m addicted. What is the lantern trick? Can anyone please help me kick my friend’s ass and get the high score! Thanks!

  66. I have had the privilege of reading all of your comments on the high scores for photo hunt. I have at this time 4 customers that have high scores of 1.2 million, 1.4 million, 1.5 million and last but not least 1,874,316. Now understand that these people are dedicated to playing the game because we offer outragous prizes every two weeks. Last week ended with the winner of 1,874,316 walking away wtih a megatouch to take home as 1st place prize.

    Over the next two weeks contest we will be giving away two sets of ping golf clubs and a trip for two….to Pinehurst golf club….. So for those of you who are having a hard time trying to understand that it is possible to have a higher score than yours…Just remember like my father told me there is always someone out there who is tougher than you…And you had better believe that.

    Good luck. Mega touch rules

  67. Does Anyone Know Where I Can Buy One Of these mahines????

    If you do email me at



  68. Get this, we were playing photo hunt at a bar near Philly, and the game screwed up and gave us IDENTICAL (as in no 5 differences) pictures on each side! This was not me being a retard, it was the first round for christs sake! For a while we thought we were just given a really hard one to start with, but then we even used all 3 hints and the places where they put the differences were EXACTLY the same…this ever happen to anyone else?

  69. moto, I think it’s a software issue. I’ve seen that before…We found the errors, but the machine must have thought it was a different set of images, because when we lost out…it circled 5 spots that were identical…and the clear errors we saw were not circled…

    Onto word dojo…I feel like an ass…I top out at 1.1M…sounds like getting 2 12-letter words really helps…I figured out the nailing a large word at the end of rounds 1 and 2 helps…but haven’t put together anything larger than 6-7 letters.

    BTW, I play these at work…(and it’s not a bar), so maybe sobriety is holding me back.

  70. New SOLO high score on erotic photo hunt: 977,220

    (64 rounds, without anyone else’s help)

    Link to screenshot:

    There is only one set of pictures on erotic photo hunt that has no differences. You have to get it wrong first and memorize all the five spots where the computer circles the differences and the next time you see that set of pictures just touch the supposed areas of differences and you will get it right.

    Auction, can you please post the link to screen shots of the claimed high scores. I think 1.8 million is certainly possible with a lot of practice. I look forward to topping that high score soon. It is just a matter of memorizing all the sets of pictures and then it is possible to get an unlimited high score once all the pictures have been memorized. So far I have memorized 90 % of the pics. Once I have memorized them all even 3 million will be a breeze.

    Auction, the guys giving away prizes at your bar seem to be suckers, because once anyone has memorized all the pics they can get any high score they want. I play once in a while and I have already memorized 90 % pics in about 20 sessions at the game. It is just a matter of time and persistant practice before I will memorize them all and beat any high score.

    As far as the lantern trick is concerned that is a highly guarded secret among a select few. It is considered cheating and a high score obtained through the lantern trick is not a fair or valid score. I have done 10,000,000 + on word dojo with the lantern trick and could have gone on for ever and I am not proud of any score with the lantern trick because that is cheating. My personal best SOLO high score on word dojo is 1.65 million which was achieved without cheating (the lantern trick) and without anyone else’s help. Link to screen shot of that score is as follows:

    The claims of people here who claim to have scored 2.1 million + on word dojo

    making 12 letter words is HIGHLY SUSPECT. I will believe it only when I see that with my own eyes. These people are obviously using the lantern trick. It is almost impossible to find a single 10 letter word on word dojo, let alone many 12 letter words !!!

  71. To all those interested in knowing the secret to the lantern trick in word dojo: if you are really good at word dojo (playing fairly) then you really don’t need the lantern trick !!! and if you are not good in word dojo, you don’t deserve to know the lantern trick because then you will be winning by cheating !! I know the lantern trick but I have not used it after trying it 2-3 times because it gets boring knowing you can achieve unlimited high score and that is not really a fair or valid indication of your skill in word dojo.

    I would encourage all the good players out there to post their high scores with links to screen shots in erotic photo hunt or word dojo or any other Megatouch game on the following wiki link:

    Password to edit is ‘coreyh’ as per Corey’s post.

  72. Yeah, I think the real thing is that the machines are different. I definitely need to get a screen shot of our pride and joy. 442,000. This beat our old record of 430,000 that we still haven’t seen beaten. On our machines (in Iowa), 30+ are virtually impossible. We have only made it past 30 once and that was each one of us hitting one thing off the bat and then nailing all the magnifying glasses. I will let you know the model. 🙂 I find it best to just play with two of you, with one starting from the right and the other starting from the left…overlapping middle.

    P.S. has anyone played like the oldest version of erotic photo hunt they made? It was so terrible. You could go forever because the pictures had everything in the same spots. We went to 15 million and quit because that took like 20 minutes. So yay for them making the game fun! (and hard)

  73. I’m a beginner at word dojo. Was introduced to it by a friend like a week ago and with the two of us we can hit 1.1m easily.

    But one of the barmaids dominates the highscore board and takes the piss every time we play. Would love to wipe the smug smile of her face (and her scores off the board) but am moving on Sat….

    Please reveal the lantern trick?

  74. All people claiming high scores in different games, please mention the model year of the Megatouch machine and post links to screen shots of your scores to make your claims verifiable and credible.

  75. Play Word Symphony on Yahoo Games is like Word Dojo and can be played online. Look under Word Games on Yahoo Games and download it.

  76. I’ve been playing photohunt for quite a while and can honestly say that i have gotten the high score on every single machine that i have ever played on. I average in the 700,000 range but as of last night have brought my personal high score up to 954,000. previously my personal best was about 860,000. I challenge anyone in the New York City area to a competition. does anyone know any tournaments or competions in photo hunt? i’d love to make some money with this oddly remarkable skill of mine.

    FYI… for anyone who does live in the NY area the names i use when i win is usually SAVANT or my middle name Barry

  77. Hey Tanman, if you come to Calgary Alberta I will show you how to get 12 letter words on Dojo. You have to use your head, in the first 2 rounds you have to set up the letters so it’s easier to make the 12 letter words at the end. For example, set up a "tion" on one side and a "ing" on the other side. I’ve even found 13 letter words before, but too bad they don’t accept them.

    I get over 2M constantly but that’s playing with a friend. My personal best is over 1.6 but your hand just gets too tired from playing so fast.

    I just found out the lantern trick last week and tried it out on Friday and got over 10M without using any time at all (I was still on the first bonus letter with 50X, bonus). But you are right, that is way too boring.

    Anyone here play quick cell?? My best score is over 149G, have yet to break 150G. If anyone has ever broke 150 then I will call you GOD.

  78. Good to know you realised it made it pretty boring. In the long run, it just becomes an endurance battle to see who can continue tapping non-stop. I think the person in my arcade might have been one of the people who mailed me for the lantern trick as he/she keeps trying to top my score and yeah, we’ve gone from 3m to 4m to 5m and slowly we went past 10m. Then finally (myself not sure about him/her) got a friend to take turns so the other could rest his/her eyes. How many people have played Word Dojo for nearly an hour non-stop? Urgh, anyway, I would like to apologise to the Word Dojo community for spoiling the game for everyone by introducing the lantern trick. I would ask you all to get the highscore then hopefully abstain from using it as you have no idea how annoyed people become if you are still on the same game after an hour. Once again I apologise and yeah, maybe next time I should mind my own business…

  79. Hey Savant,

    we got a regular photo hunt competition going at Desmond’s, 30th & park. come on down and top 450,000. This machine definitely will not go to 1mil.



  80. can someone tell me where I can download the photohunt software???

    really wan tto play in on my PC at home…


  81. There is a couple at my local pub that we are in a fierce competition with playing DOJO. Top score is 1.48M. ANY tips would be helpful to beat these arogant &*(&*&! We are playing them tonight! GOd….I hate when they look over your shoulder when you are playing!


  82. I just wanted to say I love this site, everyone’s stories & high score. It goes to show that megatouch it addictive and the best bar game. I would like to also congratulate all the people with high score over 1.5 mil in word dojo (without cheating). I am very tempted to cheat…but don’t know how.

    My score might sound low to the experts out there but in my pool hall I am the highest score: DoJo – 1.3 mil, Hoop Jones – 410 & Chip-away, Wordster – 15 thousand. Does anyone play feeding frosty (verison – Force 2006)??? If anyone has any tip, trick for any game and they would like to share…I appreciate it!

  83. where can I play mega photohunt online? We have the game machine at work but I have yet to find it online…thanks guys

  84. Some advice to anyone asking for the lantern trick. Once you learn it you will HATE it. I used to play Dojo almost every night. My highest score playing alone is over 1.6M (can do better but your hand gets very tired from going too fast). When I played with a friend we used to get over 2M constantly (2.2M being the highest).

    Ever since I learned the trick I’ve only played it once after. Took all the fun away from the game. So TRUST me, you do not want to know the trick.

    If you want to be better at it then I suggest you learn more 3 letter words (it’s the key to good scores, because you don’t get stuck at all if you know lots of 3 letter words). And trust me there are lots of 3 letter words you don’t know.

  85. Thanks for your input on DoJo! Any tips on how to get a high scoring game is great! Is there really anything to this 12 letter words at the end of round one and two? Can’t seem to get there? Cheers! Battgirl.

  86. On round 1 play up to 74 letters then stop. Do this by getting two 4 letter words and the rest 3 letter words. But while playing the round you have to set yourself up with good letters for the end. For example, try setting up an ‘ing’. Also, don’t leave yourself tough letters like, y or k.

    My average after 2 rounds is in the mid 600K, my best ever is over 740K after round 2. But like I said before, learn 3 letter words. It’s the key to getting good scores. On the last round it’s all about speed, not how much you get for big words.

  87. Great Advise!!!! I will be out playing on Thursday at a bar that the owner and his girlfriend play often…….they see me come in and theyb can’t wait to let me see the new score…ALSO…the owner changes the score WEEKLY!!! what an ass! IF I get top score he can’t stand it so he wipes all the scores clean weekly!!!! I will try your tips and one more thing if you will……on the last round….are you looking for more than three letter words or does it not matter…as you said speed on the last round….again…thanks for the tips….and really want to beat the &*(&(& at the bar……just once!!!! (OK maybe more than once….)

    Many thanks….battgirl!

  88. Hey Battgirl, on the last round I find that putting in 3 letter words are better. Because it’s faster. If you’re playing with a friend then you need to find a good rhythm. 3 letter words are easier and faster to input and it helps keep the rhythm between the two of you.

    If you want a good score then there can not be any pauses in between putting in words. Another words, you enter a word then your friend enters one then back to you, etc.

    Also, when you do only 3 letter words you will get those gold balls. The gold balls are worth a couple thousand each so if you keep getting 3 letter words and you keep dropping the balls then that also helps out the score.

  89. OK…….will give this a try and see if score improves! I’ll keep you posted to how the game goes……do appreciate all the tips…….would like to hit 1.6 on Thusday!


  90. Yo,

    I’ve been playing erotic photo hunt and I am hooked! But, I can’t get over 400,000…any suggestions? I never saw dojo before but I will check it out tonight. P.S. Will the lantern trick ever be posted on here??? I’m sure that would be funny at first but super lame after the six time doing it. THANKS

  91. Don’t post that stuff… that ruins the game completely… however props to JOONZ for getting 3.1 mil without cheating.

  92. Hey there. I play dojo about 3-4 times a week. Love it. Consistently score around 1.3-1.4M. Use 3 letters words to get to 74 and to 98 and then try to drop the biggest word I can find. I’ve found that the 2006 model the bar got is actually slower or something. My scores have gone down on new machine. But I’m interested in the lantern trick, just to try it once and post a massive score. Please, if someone can let me know what it is …drop me a line. thanks

  93. My high score on PhotoHunt is 1.5 million something. For the guy who said its BS to break a million, sorry!!! On several machines when I broke a million it froze and gave an error on the machine, and began resetting itself. I play by myself, I’m looking for like a national tournament somewhere but I’m sure there are always people better than myself :\

  94. What is the highest score you can get on Crossword Jumble?

    The highest I’ve EVER gotten is 57,000 but when it shows the demo, it says something like 350,000 …. I have no idea how to get that score and I’m blazing fast at it.

  95. On Crossword Jumble, looks like 58,000 is the max. I’ve never gotten more than 57,500 myself, but there are enough reports of 58’s that it seems credible. True the demo shows 370k+. Maybe the original concept was to have multiple rounds??? Also a shame that there’s no free game bonus on this one for high score.

  96. On Wordster,

    I was a Wordster addict for years. Unfortunately, after a while you realize exactly what the max score will be based on the letters you get and it gets very expensive ‘buying’ good letters.

    A real disappointment was discovering how many legitimate 8-letter words were not accepted (most of them). Using a computer I found the best possible 8 letters. I told a friend and a month or two later he reported getting these exact letters, and I’ve since gotten them myself. Only problem is that NONE of the five 8-letter words is accepted and you can’t get high score with the best possible letters!

    FYI the letters that should get you the max score are: TRIANGLE (triangle, integral, altering, alerting, relating, and many 7-letter words). [There are many word lists and none seem to match the game’s dictionary exactly including the one from MW that the game credits. But so far all produce the identical result for the best letters. And these letters beat the next best by a significant amount, enough to feel confident that they are the actual best letters. The best letters for words the game will accept remains a mystery.]

  97. gave probably the most accurate way to how to break 3million in Word Dojo without the lantern. Actually you make a 12 letter word, then make all you can and slam in the 12 letter as your last entry for maximum score, or if you are good, you do one early and another as last entry. The first round time is not a problem so don’t worry about it, the 2nd maybe you can only make 1 or if fortune is good another. 3rd round I have been working on it, it depends on luck, if you make a 12 letter word like "complicating" and the letter "i" is on 50x bonus, your score ^@#$^@# jumps. I would say honestly that the only way I broke 3 mill honestly was having 2 12 letters with double letter bonuses in them. The score spikes like mad, but if you are insecure about that, just stick to 3 letters while dropping golden balls as fast as you can. Well, I’m retiring for now. Have to tutor some younger kids on Year 12 maths and college maths.

  98. I agree with jdglove that 58,000 is the max score possible on Jumble crosswords. I have done 58,000 quite a few times. On Jumble (Megatouch version) I have done 55,000.

    I used to play Jumble on the cell phone when it was available as an interactive game and enabled one to play head to head with people all over the USA. It had 10 rounds per game with one scrambled word per round and whoever figured out the word fastest got the highest score and whoever had the highest score at the end of 10 words was the winner. Me and Millerman were the national champs ! No one else could ever beat us in a 10 round game for almost 4 years. Millerman and I had an even score and had some fabulous matches ! Too bad they have discontinued the game on the cell phone and it is not available any more.

    Setting up the letters ing or tion in word dojo and making a 12 letter word seems plausible although I have not tried it yet. I always play by myself and I think it is almost impossible to set up the letters and make 12 letter words all by yourself, especially in round #3. With a partner, however, it seems feasible.

    My personal best of over 1.65 million was achieved without a single word over 4 letters !!! (all words were 3 or 4 leter with a majority of 3 letter words).

  99. I agree with jdglove that 58,000 is the max score possible on Jumble crosswords. I have done 58,000 quite a few times. On Jumble (Megatouch version) I have done 55,000.

    I used to play Jumble on the cell phone when it was available as an interactive game and enabled one to play head to head with people all over the USA. It had 10 rounds per game with one scrambled word per round and whoever figured out the word fastest got the highest score and whoever had the highest score at the end of 10 words was the winner. Me and Millerman were the national champs ! No one else could ever beat us in a 10 round game for almost 4 years. Millerman and I had an even score and had some fabulous matches ! Too bad they have discontinued the game on the cell phone and it is not available any more.

    Setting up the letters ing or tion in word dojo and making a 12 letter word seems plausible although I have not tried it yet. I always play by myself and I think it is almost impossible to set up the letters and make 12 letter words all by yourself, especially in round #3. With a partner, however, it seems feasible.

    My personal best of over 1.65 million in word dojo was achieved without a single word over 4 letters !!! (all words were 3 or 4 letter with a majority of 3 letter words).

  100. I would really like to know what the lantern trick is (just like everyone else) if not to abuse it then at least to know what you are all talking about. I usually get the high score but that is playing with 3 people just for fun and never on a regular basis. Please post this or email it to me. Thanks! Happy playing 🙂

  101. Battgirl, I’m just dying to get to the club and mess around with the game and see what it could possibly be! Honestly, I just want to know. I don’t care about the score. If I find out, I will pass it to you but don’t hold your breath. Looks like these people enjoy their secret 😉

  102. word dojo is for chicks. and about that picture where theres nothing wrong me and shan get it right every time. we’re at school now so were taking a little break from the naked lady game (NLG) is what we call it, but when were out its all over for you playboys.

  103. I can get 1.62 miliion clean and see myself getting 1.7+ eventually…

    Could somebody please send me the Lantern Trick?

  104. On the subject of Wordster, "Tanglier" is also a legal Scrabble word that fits with the TRIANGLE letters. I doubt if you can use it. I too was a Wordster Junkie and got tired of trying to buy a decent game. Others would cheat using hand held devices that had Literati programmed on it and they could get a complete list of all possible words for any set of letters. Without cheating, the best I ever got was 188,100. I was lucky to make 3 -8 letter words, (Treading, Redating and Gradient) and 5 -7 letter words. JD Glove is right! There are a lot of legit 8-letter words the game won’t accept.

  105. Its hard for me to believe people are scoring so high on the photo hunt. In the Buffalo area I am probably one of the best players, though I have my own trick I use that some would call unfair. Anyway I have only played about $3 worth of games my whole life and my top score so far is 566,944.

    I was playing the erotic photo hunt female version and it was the 2005.5 version machine. Anyway i wish they would hook these things up to the internet or something so we could verify people’s high scores.

    Anything over 500,000 is amazing in my book because once you get to round 30 something the times go down Wayyyy fast and you have to practically hit all 5 spots within 2 seconds or ya lose.

    My biggest gripe is that almost every time I lose, its not cause I didn’t see the error, it is because the stupid touchscreen isn’t calibrated 100% accurately and so even though I touch the error it thinks I missed. Grr.

    Keep on touchin

  106. My best score is now just over 1,660,000…Last night was the first time I played in 2 weeks and I got a lot of unremarkable scores, a few 1.5s, and one 1,600,009…Unfortunately, I was high and tired as fuck when I got it and some girl I know who was watching me play put her name in…haha…Oh well…I still have my highest score stored in my My Merit account and nobody in their right mind would seriously think that this girl is smart enough to get 1.6 million even if she played as much as I do.

  107. It’s been a long time since I came on this but anyway, it was another player on this board who showed me the 12-letter words and it doesn’t take a literate genius to know 12-letter words. First help tool is a dictionary, just read up the dictionary and write down the 12-letter words you find on a piece of paper, not too hard eh? Yeah, lantern’s been out of the bag but I think anyone who knows how it works also knows that once it’s been used, you kinda lose the urge to play Word Dojo again. Which is why we try to restrict it getting out, as some people still genuinely like playing the game like Tanman says. If you say you come up with 12 letter words on the spot then I admit I have never done that, because you need to know the word you want to make in advance if you ever want to make that word before the time limit is up. Anyway, I’m off, haven’t touched Word Dojo since last year and Tanman is much more experienced than me so check him up if you want to learn anything,

    For those that know the lantern trick, just keep it to yourselves, again I apologise for spoiling the game for you. Well, will check this again in 3-6 months after I’m done with exams and assignments. Uni life sucks >_<;

  108. I LOVE to play Word DOJO so I don’t want to know the lantern trick . . . will try to get high score by not using tricks in any way . . . makes me feel smarter (which is sometimes questionable). Anyway, this is such a fun and addicting game to play that I almost bought a megatouch! Thank goodness the moment of insanity passed and I saved myself over $2,000! Photo hunt is just as fun but not as stimulating as Word DOJO. I only ever got up to 1.4 million which is apparently pretty low compared to some of the scores I’ve seen here.

    Everyone – have fun playing whatever game it is you love to play.

  109. As for the guy talking smack about Word Dojo just being for chicks…

    Well sure chick are pretty good at it (usually – but not always better spellers).

    But you are wrong _ i have gotten many guys hooked on the game and we love challenging/beating each other.

    But I haven’t gotten anywhere near 3 mil score (usually round 1 to 1.9 mil). Will try the trick setting up 12 letter word and get back to you as to success. Latern trick sounds interesting – but would rather win on own skills/merits.

    Could anybody with score of 2 mil or higher please e-mail photo of it to me at ESPECIALLY if 3 mil or higher!

    The owner of the bar I play at (he is also a Word Dojo addict) doesn’t beleive possible.

    Play On!

  110. once you know the trick….I have always! and I trepeat that: ALWAYS made it easily to the TOP of every high score of any photo hunt game. It takes seconds to find those five mistakes. BE AWARE of that! A real competition would not work. THE TRICK shows you the mistakes right away.


  111. Hey Guys,

    If you’ve got game on photohunt then check in to my site and see how quick you can tell the differences. Leave the differences under picture comments. I’m the best at photohunt by the way: 1,001,375. Good luck to yall!


  112. Just so you all know…I travel for a living and have played on many different MegaTouch games. Depending on what version your local club/bar has will make a difference on what your high score is. I was in Michigan and my friend was bragging about her score at photo hunt, which was around 500,000. I couldn’t believe she could get such a high score. But she worked at a bar and said she played every night! When I came to visit and played on her machine…it turned out it was completely different than the one I play at home in Cali. It scored differently. Then a couple weeks later they got an updated version of the MegaTouch and it was just like the one that I play at home. And it turns out she can’t score higher than 200,000. So, I do believe that if you have some older version, you probably can score 1 Mil…unless you’re full of s***…So, we have the highest at our local bar in Southern Cali. at around 440,000. My friend has a camera pic of it. If you want to see it..let me know. Come look for us…we are BIGGYMAMAYAY.

  113. On the subject of Photo Hunt scoring, each machine has the ability to be set up to play with 3 or 5 hints unless it is a really old machine. The 5 hint version is the easier of the 2 and resets the hints for every round and your scoring is based on the unused hints for each round. A reasonably fast player can get 85K per round! To top it off, you are given a "goal" score to reach and when you do, some time is added back on to the colored time bar. The 3 hint version is tougher. Once you use the hints, they are gone and the scoring per round is between 13 and 18K depending on the speed and whether you used any hints. The time bar gets faster after every round and by round 30, you have about 5 seconds to find all 5 differences. On the 5 hint version, scores of 2 million are not uncommon with elite players getting over 3 million. On the 3 hint version, scores of 350K are "good" and the elite players can get above 460K. Good Luck to all players and hope this helps.

  114. Below is the Word Dojo scoring algorithm (which is also common to Wordster). The following post contains some conclusions that can be drawn from this information that may help support the strategies people have suggested, and maybe help sort out which claims are legitimate.

    Letter values (from help screen):

    a=3 b=10 c=7 d=9 e=1 f=10 g=9 h=9 i=4 j=12 k=6 l=2 m=9 n=5 o=5 p=9 q=12 r=4 s=6 t=5 u=8 v=11 w=11 x=12 y=10 z=12

    There are two variables used to calculate a word’s score.

    n = the number of letters in the word (for ‘sunshine’ n=8)

    s = the sum of all letter values in the word (for ‘sunshine’ s=6+8+5+6+9+4+5+1=44)

    In round three, the bonus letter multiplier affects the individual letter score and therefore the value of s (for ‘sunshine’ if ‘s’ is the bonus letter with a multiplier of 5x, s=(6*5)+8+5+(6*5)+9+4+5+1=92)

    The algorithm changes based on how many letters are in the word (or partially formed word):

    1-letter, score = s

    2-letter, score = (1000*n+20*s)

    3-letter, score = 10*s*(n+0)+2*(1000*n+20*s)+1000

    4-letter, score = 10*s*(n+0)+2*(1000*n+20*s)

    5-letter, score = 10*s*(n+1)+2*(1000*n+20*s)

    6-letter, score = 10*s*(n+2)+2*(1000*n+20*s)

    7-letter, score = 10*s*(n+2)+2*(1000*n+20*s)+1*(1000+10*s)

    8-letter, score = 10*s*(n+2)+2*(1000*n+20*s)+4*(1000+10*s)

    9-letter, score = 10*s*(n+2)+2*(1000*n+20*s)+7*(1000+10*s)

    10-letter, score = 10*s*(n+2)+2*(1000*n+20*s)+10*(1000+10*s)

    11-letter, score = 10*s*(n+2)+2*(1000*n+20*s)+18*(1000+10*s)

    12-letter, score = 10*s*(n+2)+2*(1000*n+20*s)+26*(1000+10*s)

    After finding the score of a word using the formula above, there is one more adjustment to make. If the word is more than 2 letters long and s equals any of the following values: 5,6,17,30,31,32,57,58,59 subtract one from the score.

    Note: I figured this out brute force with no special information so there may be a simpler way to express portions of the algorithm. I’ve verified this against the actual game using many hundreds of samples, but feel free to test it and post any discrepancies.

  115. Word Dojo Scoring Algorithm – Conclusions

    The previous post contains the scoring algorithm for Word Dojo. Here are some conclusions that follow. Hopefully this will help support the legitimate claims being made here about proper strategy, and also shed some light on those that are more dubious.

    (1) Three-letter words receive a 1000 point bonus. This makes 3-letter words the most efficient way to score quickly. Also consider that 3-letter words will occur most frequently among any random arrangement of letters and are obviously the fastest to enter. So the strategy of forming only 3-letter words is supported. The only exceptions being (a) to get exactly 74 or 98 respectively with the second to last word in the first two rounds (b) to get the highest possible score for the last word in the first two rounds to capitalize on the ‘overshoot’ and of course (c) if a longer word is all you see, it certainly doesn’t pay to delay to find a 3-letter word.

    (2) Longer words don’t benefit the lengthier data entry time until they are at least eight letters long when some added scoring power takes effect. However, 8-letter+ words are less commonly present, are difficult to see, and are more prone to typing errors. So any strategy that favors using long words is dubious – with the exception of the overshoot in the first two rounds.

    (3) In the bonus round, bonus letter multipliers contribute to the base score of each occurrence of the letter in the word. Therefore, they do have a substantial effect on the word score when entered quickly while the multiplier is high. The total contribution for a bonus letter is more than the multiplier. For example if a word contains a letter ‘s’ and the ‘s’ is the bonus letter with a multiplier of 10x, the word score actually increases more than 54 points (10*6-6), but more like 50 times that much (for each occurrence of the bonus letter). So using the bonus letters in the third round can make a big difference in your score. But by ‘big’ I do not mean millions, maybe a couple hundred thousand.

    (4) In round 3, high-scoring bonus letters like J, Q, X, Z could in theory provide the potential for huge scores. However, while these letters come up relatively often as bonus letter, you almost never see these letters ‘drop. The best prospects for high scores based on bonus letters in round three is simply to get common letters, maybe those with a middle value like (l, n, o, p, m, t, s, u, r), and enter lots of three letter words quickly using the bonus letter. This has been suggested by nearly everyone who gets very high scores. It also explains why you can happen on very high scores without even watching the bonus letter.

    (5) As for 12-letter words… Based on the scoring algorithm, 12-letter words aren’t rewarded nearly well enough to compensate for the rarity and difficulty of finding them. 12-letter words will VERY rarely even appear on the screen, much less would be the chances of detecting them.

    As has been suggested, you can manipulate the letters as they drop to ‘build’ long words. For example, you can encourage and preserve common

    prefixes and suffixes such as "ING" or "TION" and simultaneously exhaust letters that are less likely to contribute to long words. However, you have a limited number of letters to work with and you rarely even get the opportunity to build a 12-letter word. That said, ‘building’ one huge word to end the first two rounds is certainly the best strategy. It’s fairly easy to consistently end with a word of 8 to 10 letters, with an occasional 11 or 12. If you get the maximum score for rounds one and two, it would not add enough to inflate the overall score to the level of these super high scores that are achieved by cheating (lantern trick). I couldn’t find any credible evidence that there’s any valid ‘trick’ involving forming 12-letter words that would help to get huge scores (over 2M).

    It seems possible to get legit scores of 1.6m or maybe even 1.7m (though I’ve never exceeded 1.5m). Such claims may well be true and their players deserving to be called masters. But I can see nothing in the scoring algorithm (in combination with word frequencies and letter usage) that would permit significantly higher legitimate scores. Anyone making those claims care to post video of a game over $2m without cheating?

  116. Hi…Is there anyway you can download the exact same format Worster game from a site? I cant find it anywhere. The only one I see is that stupid Wordster game that’s like the game Boggle. Could you let me know? Thanks!

  117. Me and my friend can get over 400,000 on erotic photo hunt in the UK. Our top score is 415,000. I cant believe you can get over a million!!!!, what round of the game are you getting these ridiculous scores? Were getting 415,000 at about round 30, the timer goes down like a bullet from a gun!

  118. I got 1.791 million a few weeks ago,

    I don’t know the lantern trick and not sure I would want to.

    As for jdglove’s posts, I figured out those algorithms after a couple of months of playing. At first, my rules were crude(Avoid Es, 3 letter words + 5 letter word + big overflow word), but as I gained more experience playing this game, I began looking for and mixing in as many 8 – 12 letter words as I could after figuring out that 8+ was the sweet spot for points.

    My gameplan used to centre around getting to 74/98 as quickly as possible so that I could have ridiculous amounbts of time to get the overflow word (It was not unheard of for me to get to 74 while still in late green…This is not a bad strategy for people who are learning the ropes, but as you become an expert, you should focus on building long words during the early rounds, even if the overflow word ends up being a near-afterthought as a result…Otherwise, you’ll probably never beat 640K or so in the 2nd round…The first two rounds seem trivial (or at least they did to me) until you become an expert, but that extra 50K or so that expert strategies can net you will make a huge difference.), but now that I know that I can easily get as many letters as I need quickly when I paint myself into a corner, I play for BIG points.

    I typically have a 2nd round score of 635 – 660K (with 720K being my record) and my best first round score was 348K.

    I am considered to be a Magic Charms (Best score being 910K) and Word Dojo guru as well as an above average Photo Hunt and Card/Castle Bandits player. I’m also good at Gin Rummy but rarely play it. I’ve gotten over 20,000,000 on Quiz Show due to my experience playing Reach for the Top back in high school and my ability to recall useless trivia about areas that fascinate me (which typically relate to politics/political history, computer technology, English grammar, and videogaming) and last night I got over 288K in Monster Madness, beating a good friend’s top score after nearly a month of almosts. He’s better at the game than I am though, and I’m sure he’ll crack 300K to crush me.

    I love Charms, Dojo, and Da Hunt because luck is far less of a factor than it is in Wordster or in any of the card games (You have no idea how frustratiing it is to be shooting for 310K+ in Card Bandits only to get a nigh-unplayable bonus round…lol) and because you generally get enough playtime out of them to get your money’s worth.

  119. Jj, and other charms players

    I too like the strategy/puzzle games. Scores of over 1 mil are common for me and 1.1 is not out of reach. I have some tips to offer.

    Try to take advantage of the 4X bonus which is only obtainable when you link up all of one color. Remember; once you link and accept from a color, you CANNOT get the 4X bonus for that color unless you use a "wild charm" and link all of an entirely different color. More on that later.

    For the first board, Sometimes all 4 colors can be linked up. Creativity is a plus here. I may even link an entire color by sacrificing a wild charm. This opens the board up considerably and makes it easier to link the entire runs of the other colors. Do not use the 2nd wild card for this! Link another entire color and once that is gone you finish by linking one color up then linking the wild charm and then continuing the chain with the remaining color. Using this strategy, 250-300K is possible after the first round.

    For round 2, I sacrifice 2 different colors to help open up the board. Never leave "single charms" behind. If you have too, leave 2 or 3 to avoid them turning into "blocks". I usually pick the 2 colors that are dominant around the wild charms to open them up as well. After removing all possible links for those 2 colors, I link up an entire color for the 4X bonus. At this point I have several options;

    Close out the chain to open up the board. Then link an entire color, link a wild charm then the last unused color followed by using the last wild charm and then linking any remaining "sacrificed" colors. Remember dont leave "singles" that cant be linked! OR

    Link to a wild charm and link an entire run of an unused color. OR

    Link to a wild charm and link a partial run of an unused color, close out the chain then link the last remaining unused color and the last wild charm, followed by the unfinished partial.

    As you can see creativity, skill and good decision making translates into good points.

    When Using the above strategies effectively, scores of 700-760K are common after the end of the second board.

    Round 3 strategies are the same as round two except; Sacrifice 3 colors to open the board up instead of 2.

    Dont get greedy and leave the colors that have the most possible links. Chances are you wont be able to open up enough of the board to take advantage of it and by the time you do, you wont have enough time to capitalize on it!

    Its OK to leave "singles" behind since there isn’t another board after round 3 and you dont get penalized for leaving them. Speed counts since the time runs so fast.

    My average score for a completed game of charms is between 900K and 1.1mil. I have no proof of this but if you play using the above strategies, 1 mil will soon become par. If you dont have the funds to practice on a megatouch, go to and play Glinx. Same concept and free practice!

    Good luck to all and hope this helps. This forum is great to share tips stories and secrets. Any other Megatouch Strategy/Puzzle category fans out there?

  120. Thank you. 🙂

    Sadly, my buddy beat my score of 288,200 in Monster Madness my getting a score of 288,650 in his first game after I busted him…

    Oh well…I’ll get stoned as fuck with my other friend this evening and then try again later tonight.

  121. I say that instead of everyone only listing there high score ofr erotic photo hunt they should also list the model so people will know what to compete against. I personlly have a high score with a friend of 452,368, on the new megatouch 2006evo

  122. sadly, the quantity of quality nudie photo hunt in the st. louis area is slowly but surely shrinking. however, molly and i will continue to hold the high score at the black thorn, which is one of the only old school bars left.

  123. Hey, to let you guys know I broke Photohunt last night. A method that works reguardles if you never of seen the picture before

    sorry to all who have invested so many quarters and dollars into a broken game.

  124. Although obvious to regulars, my advice to anyone relatively new to Dojo and wants to get better is to beef up on three letter words – some common ones that bail me out virtually every game: kor, ret, yin, fen … does anyone have any similar obscure three letter words that come up frequently?

  125. Some other obscure 3 letter words, RAJ HIE FIE AYE CHI also worth trying are KIF KEF KAF and some greek letters ETA PHI PSI. If you are really into Word Dojo, invest in a Scrabble players dictionary. It has a lot of obscure 3 and 4 letter words that may be worth trying. Keep it among bathroom reading materials. You’d be amazed at what you can pick up!

  126. Jessica, There is no known secret for making Monster Madness easier. The best advice I can give for Monster Madness is this; The premium points are scored when you clear the Monsters AND all the blocks on the board at the same time, first time around. Second time around is less but still not too shabby. The first 2 boards are the easiest and you should be able to clear both boards first time around, monsters and blocks, 90% of the time. Practice eliminating all of one color. once a color is eliminated, it will not come back when there are no more moves and they add blocks. This habit will help you huge during the boards with 5 and 6 different colored blocks. Shoot for a goal of 200K after the first 4 boards and build up from there. If your machine allows, always continue as often as you can to get practice on the tougher boards. Hope this helps your game.

  127. Incidentally, the reds on Level 7+ reappear after "No More Moves" even if you clear them all. The other colours stay away though.

  128. You are correct in pointing that out. Also after level 7+, if after "No more moves" you have only 2 colors remaining, they will add a 3rd one to negotiate even if one of the colors is a red one. Good news though! On software version 2006 and the recently released 2006.5, both above mentioned facts have been eliminated! This means that after level 7+ if you get rid of red, its gone and if you get down to 2 colors after "no More Moves" they wont throw a 3rd one in. This should help seasoned players break their personal scores on 1 credit! Also one of the new games on version 2006.5 is "Sudoku 6" which is a 6X6 grid version of Sudoku. They offer 3 skill levels; Easy, Normal and Hard. After you clear the puzzle they give you a bonus round which is a 4X4 speed round to solve. Lots of fun for the Puzzle/Strategy players. Cant wait for the Tournamaxx tournament to be that game!

  129. My high on Chip Away is 758,600 – anything better out there?

    Also love Word Dojo, but my best is 1.285M- I’ll beat 1.3 and 1.4 eventually. I think I’ve logiced out the "lantern trick" just by reading Joonz’s posts – I think I’ll give it a try this week.

    Wordster I also love, but certainly understand the expense of "buying good letters." My best is 172K.

    Monster Madness best is over 400K. btw, there’s an extra bonus for clearing out a color all at one time, kind of like Mahki and Boxxi.

    I’m also digging on the Cue Shot game, where you swithc around pool balls to form groups of 3+. My best there was 117K, average score being 70-80K.

    I miss Gem Slide.

  130. on the updated 3 hint version of erotic photo hunt (babes) I scored 457,080 on 8/2 by myself. This magical event was done in Los Angeles. Westside represent!!!!!!!!!!! Need a picture – comment back.

  131. Sorry people, this is off your topic but it does pertain to MegaTouch games.

    Anyone know the trick to ‘Boxxi’? Where I play it’s a new machine 2006 something, & I can get 1 mil fairly regular & my personal high is 1.48mil but another guy there can get 1.6 & 1.7 on a regular basis. There has to be a trick!

    Any of you MegaTouch guru’s know?

    Thanks in advance!


  133. Hello!

    Okay, I know you posted this AGES ago, but I just found this online. I would love, LOVE to take on the challenge of an erotic photo hunt competition. You are on! Name the time and place, and I will be there with MY co-workers!

  134. On 6/10/2006 somebody mentioned chip away. I have a high score of 780,000. I have not seen a score whithin 50,000 of mine not put up by me. Has anybody seen higher scores at this game?

  135. OJ…over a million in Lansing? where at? ive held the record at 5 different places in East Lansing…Michigan state university bars….id like to know where your score is.

  136. Start playing the real EPH and then you can talk!! no one can beat the score of the Ballers at the STUDY HALL bar in SANTA BARBARA, CALIFORNIA!!!! why…because we got more bounce in california then all yall combine

  137. Keep in mind, there are many versions of the game, and two different scoring schemes. It is easy to get into the millions on the newer versions, but very difficule to get past 400k+ of the older versions.

  138. I’ve got a score of over 1 million at a bar in west chester, pa. by myself. i’ve had my name in most the bars in colorado, new jersey, and florida. now if they’d just keep those high scores in there rather than clear out the records i’d have some proof, but then i guess people who normally find it an accomplishment to score 400,000 wouldn’t have an interest to play if they couldn’t get the high score. i’d love some competition if anyone who lives near me would like to try. i live in west chester pa.

  139. I feel inadequate. I’m known as a Word Dojo monster in Springfield, MO, but I’ve yet to clear most of the scores on this board. I guess it’s the Boggle training, but I always look for the longest words. What crap that short words are the best way to score huge numbers. That explains why I didn’t break 1mil after finding positioning, but I can do it easily when drunk. I just wanted to let you all know that I am going to be beefing up for the next few months using your advice, and I’ll let you know what comes of it. Thanks for your posts. See you at the Outland in Springfield, MO.

  140. Is there a photo hunt game I can download on the computer ? or maybe a little hand held one i can get fronm a store ?? I am addicted to this game ! I don’t want to buy one of them they have at the bar .

  141. I understand for Boxxi you need to link across the screen as many of the same color as possible to obtain a high score, but I think there is a trick with with the color scheme. If you obtained a high score with red, the next color would be…

  142. Solo photo hunt 476,000 is my highest, and that is about level 30 or 31,
    guaranteed i can walk into a bar around here (nashville)and get the high score,
    If i am playing with someone, i usually get all 5 before they can find one…
    so i am curious if those +900,000 numbers are on an older model, or what.
    Would like to play on that machine…

  143. Smiley,

    Your score is great. I can routinely average around 430-440K alone and I too get crushed at level 30. The rare times that I do sneak past level 30 though sees level 31 slapping me silly. Never got by level 31. The 900,000+ players could be playing on an older model OR the machine is set differently. I explained this in an earlier post about 6 months ago. I’ll cover it again.
    Each Megatouch has 2 different scoring settings for Photo Hunt. This includes the “nudie” and “clean” versions. The settings can only be changed internally either by the bar owner or amusement distributor. The common setting which you play on allows only 3 hints per game and scoring is based on the remaining time left + any unused hints. Using the first round as a guide, scores of almost 18K per round are possible if you lose minimal time and have all 3 unused hints. As you are no doubt familiar, every round you complete sees an increase in the speed at which the time runs out. Theoretically, you could play forever provided you are fast enough. Easier said than done though. Good scores on these settings range from 350K to about 400K with the better players hitting over 450K and the elite can threaten 500K. The other settings use an entirely different scoring method. First off you get 5 hints and they get reset every round wether they are used or not. Scoring is based on unused hints multiplied by a number between 30 and 100. At the beginning of every round, there are 2 timers, the familiar colored bar and a faster timer that counts back from 100. Once you complete the round, the score is tallied by multiplying the faster timer (30-100) by the following multipliers;

    All hints used is (30-100) X “zero”
    4 hints used, (30-100) X 100
    3 hints used, (30-100) X 300
    2 hints used, (30-100)X 600
    1 hint used, (30-100) X 1,000
    No hints used, (30-100) X 1,500

    So, lets say after round one you get all 5 differences without using any hints and there is 78 ticks left on the fast clock, your score for that round would be 78 X 1,500 which equals 117,000. Using 2 hints however, yields only 50,800. Good players can easily run up the score using this method of play. So how do you lose? Well, after every round, the colored time bar is NOT reset. Instead it runs down until you reach a designated score after which it replenishes a certain # of the colored bars. Heres another chart for the scores needed to be achieved and the amount of time added.

    First bonus is at 200,000. 20 time bars get added
    2nd bonus is at 300,000. 16 time bars get added
    3rd bonus is at 450,000. 12 time bars get added
    4th bonus is at 650,000. 8 time bars get added
    5th bonus is at 900,000. From this point on, all time bonuses will be only 4 time bars!
    6th bonus is at 1,200,000
    7th bonus is at 1,550,000
    8th bonus is at 1,950,000
    9th bonus is at 2,400,000
    10th bonus is at 2,900,000
    11th bonus is at 3,450,000
    12th bonus is at 4,050,000

    Following the pattern, I could go on but the point is that scores of 1 and 2 million are not uncommon. On this setting of play I have reached 3,300,000 alone. Unlike the first described setting, play is not infinite since the replenished time bars cannot keep up with the designated time bonuses. Eventually you will run out of time.
    In conclusion, players may not be comparing apples to oranges when touting high scores. Then there’s the ancient machines still in play that were slower but thats another subject.
    Hope this helps all who took the time to read it. Good Luck and keep playing!

    No Quarter

  144. I can regularly get 500,000 points on any kind of photo hunt. My high is 970 or so, I’m not so into it I take pictures though. I’m sure it’s possible to get over a million, I just don’t play that often. And yeah, that’s on the hard one (don’t know which version, but the clock gives you less than two seconds to pick the five answers after maybe level 30). Someone out there may have spoiled it in this comment list, but I didn’t want to waste my time reading all those posts… here’s the trick:

    First of all, in a two second time, you have to pick all five nearly simultaneously because the computer WILL PAUSE WHEN YOU GUESS ONE RIGHT… that’s what gives you the time, but you have to see the first one and choose it within the first second… LUCKILY, THERE IS A TRICK (and maybe people want to keep it to themselves, I don’t know):

    1. Don’t play with a group unless more than one of you can do this simultaneously. Still, you don’t want to risk both people picking an answer simultaneously… so you’re better off alone. It has to be timed like a beat… first, second, third, fourth, fifth. Round forty-two, here I come. Very difficult with more than one person.

    2. Cross your eyes. Yeah, that’s the real secret in the pro-erotic-photo-hunt scene. hahaha, just kidding. No, I’m serious about crossing your eyes, I was joking about there being a pro-erotic-photo-hunt scene. I wish, you know? But the secret is to cross your eyes so the two pictures overlap. Trying to compare the two manually (by looking at each individually) is for amateurs. I can’t do this too well at a serious angle, so get right in front of the bastard. Cross your eyes and force the images to concentrate. Waste 5 games just trying to get it to work… and if you want to look this technique up on the net, google “Stereoscopic images” or some such shit. You’ve got it working right when the two pictures become one, and it is focosed and sharp, with the exception of the differences. They will be blurry, so now your task is to touch the blurry spots. And in the last levels, to see and touch all five with the right rhythm to get all five in the first two seconds.

    3. To get the highest scores possible, you should take less than a second (time adjusted to the computer’s time) for each pick starting on the very first level. There are some that get me… really tiny differences like bracelets or what not… but you can still regularly get 500k… 900+ comes from being lucky on what screens you see, and remembering screens you’ve seen before.

    Yeah, if you’re following this, that’s the trick. Not too many people in the know will say it, but there it is.

  145. PLEEEZE ! I want to take a bite of the forbidden fruit!!! Will someone please tell e the “Lantern” trick? Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  146. Spell “lantern” as many times as you can! Then after the game. Click your heels together 3 times and say,”There’s no game like Megatouch”

  147. Hi

    Just had a megatouch 2006.5 put into my pub today (Colliers Arms, Chadderton, Oldham) – Is there a dedicated MegaTouch discussion forum anywhere?



  148. MY highest score on hoop jones is 480 my friend got 495 a different friend got 790,000 playing chipaway my highest is 773,000.

  149. i give…..i topped our machine the past few months, in competition with the other manager……i topped a over 1.4 million last friday, thinking it will be safe for a while, but today i find that the toher guy nearly hit 1.5 million…which was weird since the highest he got before was 1.35 million……so that’s about an improvement of 15 words in the bonus…..i know i’ll eventually hit 1.5 in a week or so, but it cost a lot of money…….

    i need the lantern trick in the meantime..please! 😀

  150. My high score on Word Dojo without cheating (using lantern trick) is 1,715,357 which was achieved without any word more than 5 letters long and without looking at the bonus letters.

    I have scored more than 10,000,000 using the lantern trick with almost all the time still remaining and the bonus letter still on 50X ! I could have gone on for ever but got bored and stopped. I consider the lantern trick cheating and have lost interest in Word Dojo after finding it out. It takes all the fun away from the game and does not require much skill. Ignorance is bliss in this case if you don’t want to spoil the fun !

    In Hoop Jones I can consistently score 540+ and there is a certain trick to achieve that score which requires pure skill !

    In Foxy Boxxi my high score was over 1.7 million. I have achieved more than 1 million in a single round of Foxy Boxxi. I eliminate as many as possible of the 3 colors with the least number of boxes first, which usually results in the maximum number of boxes of the fourth color linked, taking care not to break up the boxes of the fourth color which are already connected, if possible. Usually I use a certain trick to try to connect the boxes of the fourth color (the color with the most boxes), which should be easy to figure out !

    In Castle Bandits I have scored 323,000, but a score of more than 310,000 in this game involves some luck. The trick is to use the wild card in such a way as to get the highest possible unbroken run, instead of using it at the end.

    In Match’em up I have scored 400,000+ using pure skill in 20 levels which is the maximum number of levels possible. Each level has progressively more squares until the 13th level onwards when the entire screen is filled with the squares.

    In Trivia I have scored 104,577,760. Screen shot is as follows:

    I have also scored 189,000+ in Tic-Tac-Trivia.

    In Erotic Photo Hunt I have scored 1,042,768 playing the updated version in which the game becomes super fast after 30 rounds. I can do better with more practice but the game gets boring once you have memorized all the pics ! Screen shot as follows:

  151. Ok people here is the hoop jones secret. 2 shots can be taken on either end of the board. Granted, the last 2 boards can be tough but timing is crucial and it is possible. Scores between 530-550 are possible. Anyone have any secrets they wanna share or is everyone afraid of a little competition?

  152. Nicole, this is a closely guarded secret that cannot be posted on this board. Any suggestions on how we can get around that?

  153. Sudoku6: Each time they clear the scores at my favorite pub I clear 140K+ on Easy, 139K+ on Medium, and 138K+ on Expert. All time high of 140,4??. Has anyone gotten 140K on Expert?

    Word Dojo: My high legit score is just shy of 1.6. Recently I got 21 million using the lantern trick, which took maybe two hours and made me sore for two days. By the end I could hardly make a word without missing half the letters. [It’s great that no one posted the trick. It ruins the game and it’s easy enough to figure out on your own.]

    QShot: I’ve played for years and get unspectacular scores in the 80,000’s for highs. I see on the internet they get 250K+ in tournaments. Anyone know how? It seems completely impossible unless (a) some software has more levels, or (b) the tournament results are the total of several rounds of pay. (btw DraggleDrop is like it but more fun)

    Boxxi: I recently started playing Boxxi and my high is about 1.5M. The only apparent strategy is to try to clear an entire color at once then clear the rest of the board. Mix-up seems most effective right off the bat to get a good ‘spread’. Seems that the whole trick is to play a lot and try to get a great initial layout, then just play it right.

  154. Lantern Trick!!!! Just keep tapping the green lantern simultaniously as you play and the clock will go on forever. Simply put just type in a word and press the green lantern then enter twice and repeat and you should score a ridiculous score. People on here take Dojo too seriously if someone wants to cheat for fun on a game more power too them. So there you go the cat is out the bag.

  155. Dearest one,

    Good Day, how are you and your family as well as your work? I hope fine. Please, I am very sorry to bother you with my problem. Please know that it’s not by mistake I am contacting you but by the special grace of God.

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  156. AS far as photo hunt… If you got over a 1,280.00 it because of the settings. Stadard setting will av\ around 550,000 to a mil for a good player. Word Dojo… if you use the “lantern trick” it can go forever, if your finger can take it. Normal “good” score will be around 1,400,000 – 1,800,000 fact…cut all the BS with these scores… I have set most of the high scores in the Columbus area for many years (Around 10)

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