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See Hollie’s review for her take.

So the skeptics ruled and only Hollie and I made it to the Marquee theater last night. Turns out the experience was great and all y’all were wrong to doubt the Tinkle.

The whole thing is actually run by PSNBC a “performance and development lab”. Essentially it is a workshop for comedians to hone their jokes and showcase their stuff to the NBC ‘suits’ in attendance. A constant distraction for us in the audience trying to sniff out the folks getting paid to be there.

The place was tiny tiny. Maybe seating for 23 people set up in comedy club style around small tables. Drinks were served without the nagging two drink minimum requirement. It even has the (ironic?) shimmery backdrop and solo microphone.

Greg Behrendt had around 40 minutes of generally “old dude who rocks” material – very funny and a good story teller. Nick Swardson did 20 odd minutes of random material, but thankfully all new, non-comedy central material. Demetri Martin starting it off with a guitar and drum machine backed 10 minutes. All very funny.

Apparently they do this every Tuesday and I’ll keep an eye on the lineups.


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