I got impatient. Microsoft announced SP1 of Vista and I couldn’t wait for it to trickle out onto MSDN. I installed SP1 on my three main machines.

  • It seemed to dramatically reduce HDD chugging on my laptops, especially on startup. This was a big deal for me.
  • My Toshiba M200 power management problem is still there, but thanks to bullet #1 it is easier to recovery from. (Every other time the computer sleeps, the LCD won’t come back on)
  • My custom desktop was rock solid before and it is rock solid now. No change noticed.
  • When using remote desktop to get to the “console” session you can’t use /console anymore. You have to use /admin. There’s a post here that explains why.

I don’t really recommend anyone else go out and install it until the general release exactly, but I’m 3-for-3, all I’m sayin’. Tags: ,,

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