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Saying “everybody’s talking about them” is highly subjective, but indeed, lots of people are talking about Vampire Weekend.

Describing their sound as “Upper West Side Soweto,” New York City’s Vampire Weekend mixes preppy, well-read indie rock with joyful, Afro-pop-inspired melodies and rhythms. Ezra Koenig, Chris Baio, Rostam Batmanglij, and Chris Tomson formed the band early in 2006, when they were finishing up their studies at Columbia University. Taking their name from a movie Koenig made during his freshman year, the band started out by playing gigs at the university’s literary societies and at parties.

My only contribution to this is to point out the album is coming out in a couple of days and they have a couple of interesting live performances posted online.

  • Take a way shows, the band performing songs on the streets of Paris. The first one is just okay, but the second is great and the end of the third one is amazing — be sure to scroll down.
  • Other Music had them perform in-store. Okay, but is there anything more annoying than splicing an interview in during the songs!

While struggling to figure out which link to point to, I remembered Musicbrainz has a “relationships” feature which lists a bunch at once.



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