chairs and recommendations

imageI just bought this chair for my new office.

Dan, one of the guys here was sharing his experiences with the essentially back-to-school-shopping-for-adults process involved with moving into your own company’s office for the first time. He sat in “at least 10” chairs and deemed this one to be his favorite. And it was priced reasonably at $189 and the store was right around the corner, so I went for it.

Now, three other people (making five of us) in an office of 16 desks all have this same chair.

The power of recommendations… none of us know about chairs, we all needed one, someone we know in real life did some basic amount of original research and that was good enough for us. Buying things, especially ones that you use every day and cost more than $20 or so is a stressful proposition and is a principal driver for peer reviews.

I’m totally happy with my new chair purchase, but I got lucky — lucky that I had a resource right here to ask. Notches is working on facilitating this interaction in an organized, intelligent way.


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