"track wesabe" pays off

The Alley Insider picked up my twitter as their Tweet of the Day

No Time For Slow Web Apps

“Thinking about switching from Wesabe to Mint. Low tolerance for slow web apps in 2007… cough twitter cough.”Notches founder Corey Henderson.

image I had posted here about Wesabe and in the mean time I set up Wesabe Wednesdays on my calendar where I processed my finances each week using their tool. Performance has been suffering with their site lately and my frustrations there plus seeing some of those sexy Mint screenshots spurred my interests over in their direction, even though I had already invested a fair amount of time in Wesabe I thought I’d check out the competition.

Within 48 hours of posting the twitter message I got an email from one of the Wesabe founders apologizing for the slow performance and told me they were working on it, etc.

Did I get a “Come try out Mint Corey, we’ve got some cool stuff, welcome” email from Mint? No.

Which do you think I’m using now?

Of course it wasn’t that simple. I fully checked out Mint, and it is indeed quite slick — much slicker in some ways. But beyond just establishing a relationship with a person at Wesabe, there are a handful of design decisions that indicate in very subtle ways that Wesabe is the one that has the emphasis on community involvement (the whole basis for web 2.0) and you don’t see that at Mint.

Since that initial email I’ve invested even more time in Wesabe and have sent in feedback and will continue to stick it out with them.

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