second tier hype

This will be hard to hear above the din that is Arcade Fire indie music hype, but I have a new album to rave on.

Kings of Leon’s new album Because of the Times.

I liked, but didn’t love their first two albums, I thought they were somehow muted and timid in the production and it didn’t do enough for me.

But I’m completely rocking out to this new one. There’s a new dynamicism on this record that I didn’t hear before. It doesn’t hurt that I rediscovered the volume knob and am going through a loud phase. Every two months or so, I remember that, as an adult, I can crank it up whenever I feel like it.

Favorite tracks: 2. Charmer, 3. On Call, 6. My Party, 7. True Love Way, 8. Ragoo This is pointless. There are more favorite tracks than non-favorites. This is a great album.




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