advice to Corey, xmas 2007: just keep your mouth shut

Emily and I opened our presents to each other on Christmas eve. Her family has high tolerances for early gift opening, basically anything in the previous fortnight is fair game. My family is in the one small token sized present immediately before bedtime the night before camp.

I said out loud “let’s open them at the same time in case we got the same thing for each other” because the boxes were of similar dimensions.

But after holding the package meant for me I said “oh wait, no, mine is heavier, they aren’t the same, you go ahead.”

Emily unwrapped her Polar F11 Heart Rate Monitor. I then proceed to go on and on about how there more complicated ones available, but that I did the research and decided among the 33 available models this was the one for her and yadda yadda, she just smiled.

Then I opened mine: The Polar RS200sd Heart Rate Monitor w/ S1 Footpod, the ultimate running training computer!


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