f Starbucks, I’m all about the lobby lounge now

I’m only five workdays into my virtual work-life and I’m close to giving up on Starbucks as the default goto spot. This is especially easy for me as I don’t drink coffee and there just aren’t that many ways to order tea.

My preferred hangout? The hotel lobby lounge.

I’ve got one specifically that I’m happy with (ask me and I’ll tell you which one, hint: they have a cat) in midtown. The wifi is free, the chairs are comfortable, the bathrooms are clean, the atmosphere is quiet.

I ordered a diet coke & a tea set, asked for the free snack mix and paid $8.64 + tip, less than a day-pass of wifi at starbucks.

The InterContinental Hong Kong

[image of the Intercontinental Hong Kong via Flickr user yohanes.budiyanto]



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