extension fever

My goodness I have a lot of FireFox extensions addons…

Just want to highlight a couple that might be of general interest.

Adblock Plus: I use this now instead of Admuncher (due to Vista compat problems). It works really well especially in conjunction with the Filterset.G updater, which keeps the list of blocked URLs current

coComment: This lets you keep track of the comments you make all across the web. Haven’t we all dropped in on some blog, plunked down some inflammatory comment and then never returned to survey the damage? I don’t really use the plugin tools so much, but I subscribe to my custom RSS feed. Note, CoreyH supports coComment thanks to Subtext.

Download embedded: If you’ve ever wanted to save flash files or QuickTime movies and the like from pages — things that don’t have a save as feature — this adds that functionality.

IE Tab: open tabs in the IE rendering engine. Useful for SharePoint sites especially.

Google Browser sync: I’ve mentioned this before obliquely, but it is a tool for syncing bookmarks, cookies, passwords, history and tabs across machines. I shut down FireFox at the end of my workday, pull it open when I get home and everything is there just like I left it. I really appreciate the password portion, don’t you hate it when you get a new machine and have to remember/look up passwords constantly. It even remembers visited link history. Highly recommended, although don’t rely on it for saving tabs in all situations, I’ve been burned a couple times. Oh and please add parallel browser functionality please Google.

And one lazyweb request: an addon sync extension. I have trouble keeping my machines up to date on the latest addons I’m using.


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