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Sleep is a big deal for me and I take the optimization challenge seriously.

I regulate caffeine. I can’t have red wine after 6pm — it induces restless-leg-syndrome, but all over — I don’t sleep as well when I don’t exercise.

Breathe Right strips are awesome for sleeping. I use them almost every night during high allergy seasons. I sleep noticeably more soundly with them on.

I also wear them running like the NY marathon winner pictured above.

Go with the tan real brand, store brand ones sucks, and so do the clear ones. Buy the small/medium size unless you are in the top 5 percentile for large honkers. Put them on after the lights are off though because they are sexy-kryptonite.

——- Memory foam mattress

I have a knock-off Tempurpedic that I bought 4½ years ago from I can’t rave about it enough. It is entirely possible to fall asleep and wake up 8.5 hours later not having shifted at all. The difference between my fake one and the much more expensive genuine brand ones is the density and thickness of the memory foam. The guy on the phone seemed straight with me at the time and said it made a difference if you weighed over X pounds. I don’t remember what X was, but I was comfortably under it and expected to be for the fifteen year life-span of the mattress. It has help up too, indistinguishable from the day it was delivered.

Both products highly recommended.


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