Emily was out of town on this beautiful New York Sunday; I had a host of neighborhood errands to run, so I decided to borrow her longboard skateboard to make them on. I had ridden it once or twice in the last year, but only up to the park, which is a short trip. Before that I hadn’t really ridden since I lived in California and would ride to third grade from our house.

According to Map My Run, I traveled 9.73 miles today. It really is like riding a bike I guess, I was pretty comfortable most of the time. Riding down major avenues is tricky of course, turns out that cars don’t really like ‘boarders very much. I exchanged middle fingers a couple of times, but otherwise I managed to steer clear of trouble. Oh, except on the way home I went through Central park — I hit a fairly large rock in the road and decided to bail rather than risk getting thrown — the board went flying in front of me and under a horse carriage. I couldn’t really see under the carriage and for a split second there, I had the horrifying realization that horses probably don’t do well on skateboards and imagined the horse’s rear leg landing square on the middle of the board, sliding uncontrollably, breaking the leg and the driver having to put it down right there on the spot and ruining the childhoods of many, many onlooking kiddies. Thankfully it came back from under the carriage and I scooted on my way without incident.

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  1. Sounds like you had a great ride on the longboard! The board definently looks like your freind gets some good use out of it. Really liked the part about the horse. Thanks for sharing!

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