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I’ve been a little distressed every since I read that article that stated that the brain can be physically damaged by working in a dull environment. Since my space here at work undoubtedly falls into the brain-damaging segment, I’ve been thinking of ways to potentially offset this damage. Plenty of sites document exercises from learning a musical instrument to brain teasers, to Yoga or dancing.

LifeHacker had a quick and easy one for me just now. Mouse goofy. That is use the mouse with the opposite hand. I am nowhere close to ambidextrous, so I figure my brain will have quite a bit of growing to do in order to tackle this one.

Plus, I’m such a rabid multi-tasker that this ought to slow me down and force me to focus on the task at hand.

UPDATE: ~8 working hours later, I quit!

1) select text out of a paragraph, ctrl-c, find new window, ctrl-v = annoyingly slow with the left hand only. There is a reason ctrl-copy, cut and paste are on the left hand.
2) In Outlook, I have it set to never mark anything read unless I specifically mark it, and I do that with ctrl-Q, which is also on the left hand.

I maybe have three new neuron connections. I’m now taking suggestions for other ideas.


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