now chatting on aim and yahoo

Psi Contact ListI’m now omni-networked. Since the IM vendors still haven’t gotten together on federation after, what, nine years now, and I had a few new contacts I needed to work with on Yahoo and AIM, I’m (back) online on those as well.

AIM: nuwanda144
Yahoo: nuwanda144
    and you already knew these
MSN (live?): nu_wanda at hotmail dot com
Google Talk: nuwanda at gmail dot com

<technical section>

I clearly didn’t want to install four different IM clients. I used a modified method of the method described in this tutorial on how to connect to MSN, Yahoo and AIM from Google Talk. The trick is using a jabber client, PSI in this case, and connecting to service transports which act like gateways to the other networks.

For the record I ended up using, and as my transports, I found them to be much more stable than the one mentioned in the link above.

</technical section>

File all this under: We should not have to be doing this ourselves because these (grr) vendors should have built this in from day one.



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