need for simulated speed

B00006JJID.03.LZZZZZZZFour or so years ago my brother Kevin bought me a Logitech WingMan Formula Force GP (for the PC) as a gift.

At the time I didn’t really have a computer with the gaming horsepower to take advantage of it, but as time went on and I upgraded, I settled into a regular pattern: about every six months a new racing/driving game comes out. I’ll buy/try/download it, play for approximately 20 hours, more or less straight, finish it or get to a point where I don’t know what to do next and won’t bother going to find an online gaming guide, and put the wheel in the drawer until it is time for a new title.

This week’s game is Need For Speed Most Wanted. It is a substantial improvement from the previous Underground version in the series. I won’t go into great detail on a game review, since I don’t think most of my readers are into that kind of thing. I will say they have done a great job with this one making it really addictive. The classic “win races, get money, upgrade vehicle” mode works on me every time. I started out with a plain Volkswagen Golf and now I’m driving a Porsche Cayman S with a whale tail and flames on the side.

The other notable thing about Most Wanted is part of the game is trying to avoid the police. They will try to box you in, set up roadblocks and try to arrest you. It is very stressful — you can sometimes outrun them, but then you have to hide out waiting for the cooldown period to end so you can move on to the next race. Whew.


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