new emilywilsonphotography rev

EwphotoI just finished helping Emily out with a new version of her professional site (as opposed to the informal Experience photo blog site).

The site is done in Flash and every time we add something to it, we have to re-learn how to use Flash. I’m pretty surprised Flash has been as successful as it is with such a difficult to use tool. Even after I’ve remembered how it works and all I’m doing is following the same pattern to add images, it seems to take a really long time. I wonder what the cutoff point would be for taking the time to move the page to DHTML.  

I also messed up when I posted the files because the web host uses case sensitive file names and non IE browsers don’t like spaces in the file names for the embedded Flash links. I’ve been doing internal corporate development for too long; reminder to self: always test what you are publishing online with a variety of browsers and platforms.


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