lincoln towncars make me nauseous



Now you can be driven around New York City and not put a strain on the environment. Ozocar is a new car service that uses only hybrid cars like the Toyota Prius. The cars are all EVDO-equipped so that you can check your email from either your own laptop or the iBook supplied in the car. It is also GPS-equipped so that you can also check your progress through the city.

[via Luxist]

Next time I have to go to JFK, I’m definitely going to take this service. I get car-sick in all Lincoln towncars and their cousins the Crown Victoria, etc., so this would solve that problem as well as help out the environment just that little bit. Now if they can just get that taxi fleet upgraded, I’ll be all set.

Am I being overly optimistic that these drivers didn’t go to the same driving school where the emphasis is put on hitting the gas and brake as hard as possible regardless of traffic ahead?


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