Big-Assed Spiders

P7100160 (Large)

Lamma Island, Hong Kong, China SAR.

Took an opportunity over the weekend to get out to one of the outlying islands of HK for some hiking. On the way to the beach, in a bit of a damp valley, there were these huge spiders everywhere. This was one of the medium sized ones that I could get close enough to for good perspective shot. Upon reflection it might not have been smart to use my Amex because if that spider had made a move for my hand I would have dropped it in a heartbeat and it was headed for a good 15’ drop from there. Although maybe American Express could have used my story in one of those travel commercials.



  1. We live on Lamma and my 8 yo is obsessed with the spiders. Once you start looking closely at this time of year they are *everywhere*. She counted 60+ on one trip to the beach.

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