photoshop cs2 lens blur

My work as Emily’s photoshop man continues. Stuff I’ve done lately follows.

Lens Blur: This is useful if you want to emulate depth-of-field, i.e. blur the background, but leave the foreground in focus. This is useful if you take a portrait with a cheap point-and-shoot, but you want to emulate a more sophisticated “pro” look. Photoshop CS2 has a specific lens blur filter for this purpose, but you need to build a depth map to tell it where the foreground is. Photoshop is smart, but not smart enough to do a 3D mapping on its own. I won’t go into all the details, because this tutorial from RetouchPRO has it all.

Double Chin: I won’t be linking directly to my celebrity edited images here. Again RetouchPRO to the rescue.

Simple tip. I use CS2’s Shadows and Highlights for almost every image I work on. It is amazing.

I have subscribed to WebLogs, Inc.’s the unofficial photoshop weblog


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