emily wilson experience


Announcing the Emily Wilson Experience

I helped my extraordinarily talented girlfriend build a secondary site where she could showcase some of the images that fall outside the boundaries of her portfolio and her strictly professional site Emily Wilson Photography.

Full text(and photo) RSS feed here RSS 2.0 Feed

The site uses .text also, since that’s the devil I know. I tried going straight to Community Server, but I’ll wait for 1.1. I was going to invest more time in making the skin cleaner, more elegant, but since CS uses different skins, I’ll wait until after the upgrade. For now, the pictures speak for themselves.



why don’t we know astronaut’s names anymore?

NY Times: The space shuttle Discovery returned to the launching pad today after technicians replaced its fuel tank with an enhanced model.

Why don’t they talk about the actual astronauts anymore? Back in the 80’s we knew them all by name, who was the pilot, etc. I suppose a large part of my memory comes from the Christa McAuliffe buildup, but still. Do kids in elementary school know the names of the pretty dang brave people going up in the next space shuttle?

If I was on that mission, I’d be pissed. Where’s my David Letterman appearance or my live satellite feed to classrooms and stuff.


keyboard in dishwasher

I thought I had mentioned this before, but I only use Dell Performance keyboards that were made between 1997–2000 (roughly), the white ones that have the full mechanical feel. None of that quietkey bullcrap for me. I stockpiled a few when I left my old company (ZEFER) and have used them exclusively since. Well, you can imagine what 8 years of daily use does to a beige keyboard in terms of filth. I bought specialized keyboard cleaning stuff from the impulse buy section at CompUSA, but it was a huge pain and only cleaned the surface and vacuuming isn’t real convenient or effective.

So I put it in the dishwasher. Boing Boing had a post that said it was possible and a bunch of people chimed in with success stories and anecdotes to confirm it.

Clean as a whistle — like brand new — and it works no problem. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. See.

I waited the recommended five full days of drying before plugging it in and I am not making any warranties.

UPDATE: If you want a keyboard like this, the model number is AT101W and there are two right now on ebay.


steven keaton would be pissed

Slate’s Today’s Papers from the other day:

As the Post fronts, the House Appropriations Committee proposed hitting the Corporation for Public Broadcasting with a 25 percent cut next year and the elimination of all federal funding in two years.

The very first thought that came into my head, was Family Ties and how mad the dad would be. It might have even qualified for “a very special episode” or a Jump-the-shark move the family to LA where they opened up a Video Store or something.

Tangentially here are the top JTS moments for Family Ties:

Birth (Andrew) 50
Mallory’s boyfriend Nick joins the cast 21
Puberty (Jennifer) 21
Death (Alex’s friend) 18
A Very Special…(Tom Hanks as the drunk uncle) 9
Ellen goes to Paris 7
Too much Skippy! 5
Miraculously Quick Aging (Andrew) 4
The Art of Being Nick 4
Courtney Cox joins the cast 4
Hair Care (Mallory straightens it) 4
“At This Moment”, again and again 3
Too many flashbacks 3
Alex gets hooked on drugs 3
Singing (Jennifer forms a band; Alex manages) 3

pretending to need “work wear”


The weather report for this weekend’s Formula One Grand Prix in Montreal calls for lots of rain. In past years, I’ve been under-equipped and paid the price in discomfort.

Since F1 races are all weather(*), it might mean a few hours of being rain upon whilst sitting on aluminum bleachers where umbrellas are most unwelcome.

I knew I wanted something relatively hard-core, and got the idea to check out industrial type solutions. Froogle showed up a few items for Carhartt that looked absolutely perfect. They have a coat and bibs made with “50 mm, polyester backed PVC for total waterproof protection” and “Double front storm seal with inside and outside snap closure” and “Interior neoprene cuffs with adjustable hook-and-loop closure” and “Electronically welded seams”

I picked up both at Dave’s New York yesterday and I am trilled to have only spent $35 bucks (each) for some really serious rain gear. There is such a big leap between the build seriousness between these and other light jackets, it is laughable. Although a downside might be these are going to really hot if the temps are over 70.

One more Carhartt pimp for today. I haven’t worn jeans (regular blue denim jeans) since approximately 1995, but I wear Double Front Work Dungarees (Duck) instead.

*Nascar doesn’t race in the wet.