pretending to need “work wear”


The weather report for this weekend’s Formula One Grand Prix in Montreal calls for lots of rain. In past years, I’ve been under-equipped and paid the price in discomfort.

Since F1 races are all weather(*), it might mean a few hours of being rain upon whilst sitting on aluminum bleachers where umbrellas are most unwelcome.

I knew I wanted something relatively hard-core, and got the idea to check out industrial type solutions. Froogle showed up a few items for Carhartt that looked absolutely perfect. They have a coat and bibs made with “50 mm, polyester backed PVC for total waterproof protection” and “Double front storm seal with inside and outside snap closure” and “Interior neoprene cuffs with adjustable hook-and-loop closure” and “Electronically welded seams”

I picked up both at Dave’s New York yesterday and I am trilled to have only spent $35 bucks (each) for some really serious rain gear. There is such a big leap between the build seriousness between these and other light jackets, it is laughable. Although a downside might be these are going to really hot if the temps are over 70.

One more Carhartt pimp for today. I haven’t worn jeans (regular blue denim jeans) since approximately 1995, but I wear Double Front Work Dungarees (Duck) instead.

*Nascar doesn’t race in the wet.


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  1. Yeah but in Nascar they drive longer and farther distances.

    And they don’t come up with new rules every week.

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