del re’s grinding


Walking up the block today, the “grinding guy” was ringing his bell. Noticing a marked decrease in knife sharpness the other day, it seemed like a good time to take him up on the offer. I brought down two big knives, one steak knife, a pair of scissors and some old wire snips. The wire snips were rejected for some kind of structural reason that wasn’t fully explained, but he set right to work on the others. Note to self: next time wear heavy boots instead of sandals while carrying many long knives down the block — nothing happened, but it was testing the nerves somewhat.

I had my wad of singles out ready to pay but had to reach back into the money clip for 35 bones! I had figured maybe eight bucks. Oh well, it was pretty entertaining and those knives are really sharp. And if anyone needs anything scissored precisely, let me know.


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  1. 35 bones?! Damn, dog! If you were in prison asking him to sharpen you toothbrush or a leg you broke off a chair, I can see him trying to squeeze you for that kind of jink.

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