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Every morning starts out with Slate’s Today’s Papers. The seventh paragraph:

The Post, alone, fronts about 60 Iraqis killed in mostly terrorist attacks around the country. (The other papers reefer the bombings.) Ten Iraqis were killed and roughly 100 wounded by the bombing of a popular falafel restaurant in Baghdad. Another 20 to 30 people were killed by two car bombs outside a Shiite community center near Mosul. Late last night another car bomb outside a Shiite mosque south of Baghdad killed 10. Also, a top Iraqi national security official was assassinated. And the military announced that five American soldiers had died over the weekend.

Just imagine for a second that the same exact bolded situation occurred in Brooklyn instead of Baghdad. What would the front cover of the NY Post say? The local news would run a story “Is your family safe from falafel?”. Nobody would be able to eat falafel for a year without crying (Crying, while eating). A month later we’d be talking about falafel places closing down or converting to Kennedy Fried Chickens. But legitimately-sadly this is just a throw away sentence in a 7th paragraph recap of the news that almost nobody in America will be aware of.


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