subliminal supersize me

Supersize_me_reviewI manage to avoid traditional fast food (McDonalds, BK, etc) most of the time in my city life. I don’t spend much time thinking about it other than my bi-annual birthday Big Mac. I read Fast Food Nation a while back and was as shocked and entertained as anyone.

About two weeks ago I saw Super Size Me.

I can’t stop thinking about McDonalds. Now when I pass by images of burgers and fries dance in my head in a come hither intensity I can only attribute to the film. The movie affected my subconscious in the opposite way intended. I haven’t broken down completely, but I have entered the establishment and came away with relatively, semi-OK-for-you small vanilla milkshakes. I just hope I can hold out until June 14 without a serious Big Mac attack.


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  1. We are starting the food & nutrition unit in science class, so to open it up, my teacher decided that we would watch "Supersize Me." I was absolutly horrified! I eat McDonalds, oh, I would say, maybe once a week? I used to be a big fan of their chicken McNuggets, but now, well, lets just say i just get fries.

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