golf in the third world

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I managed to squeeze two days of golf into this India trip at the Delhi Golf Club.

The best part are the caddies. There were five for our threesome. Our host had two caddies, one to help him with his game + give him pointers and one to carry his bag; I had my Yankee cap wearing caddy; Kirk (next to me in pic) had his caddy, the muslim in his red winter sweater-vest; Plus the agi-walla (no idea on the spelling there), the fore-caddy, basically he goes down the hole and finds your ball in the woods.

Now I have not been playing good golf lately. I had a really nasty slice that I’m making slow progress eliminating. There were several occasions throughout the round where a ball that looked to be easily 10–15 yards into the woods miraculously appeared in the fringe rough when we arrived on the scene. Our host made a comment about occasional caddy finesse applied to errant balls.

I managed not to kill any wild peacocks which were running rampant or knock over a 500 year old ruin which were scattered around the course.  

The whole experience was great and I’m definitely going to think about going caddy instead of cart next time I head out on the links.


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