link blog created

So I’ve decided to create a separate link blog. Following the lead of Waxy and Scoble.

There is simply a ton of random random stuff I come across that I don’t really feel is worthy of using this precious space and I don’t really have anything to add other than pointing to it … but some of it is really funny/interesting/cool and lots of y’all might be interested in it.

Corey’s link blog.


dual voltage lightning reaction

Reaction2TJ brought one of these up to Vermont for us to play.

The game is very simple to play. You just round up anywhere from 2-4 victims and each grab a joystick. When you hit the start button in the center of the game the red light will begin to flash and begin to play a haunting music. When the right light turns green and the music stops the last person to hit their button gets the shock. If you think you want to cheat by pressing the button early (you would never do that would you) you get the shock for the penalty.

Sick right? You wouldn’t think a little battery would be able to deliver a worthwhile shock, but you’d be wrong. It stings. And the machine hated me for some reason. I swear I wasn’t pushing the button early, it just flat out hated me.

They also make a version where you control little tanks and when you score a hit on the other tank that person gets shocked.

Buy one at Shocking Fun for $24.88. (no warranties on the quality of that site, it is the only one I could find that sold it)


northern state cold rocked the party

The actual New Year evening was wrung in at the Snow Barn at Mt Snow Vermont — featuring Northern State.


The crowd was good; they had the biggest tray of cheese you’ve ever seen; there is a big round fireplace in the back; foosball; smoke free; Vermonty bar goodness all around.

The ladies from Northern State put on a great show. Hip-hop with Long Island flair. Highly recommended if they come to your town. Plus their drummer has an afro worth the price of admission alone.


moose on the loose


After 18 years of going to Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine every winter — seeing countless moose crossing signs, moose hats, moose shaped doorknobs and not once seeing a goddamned moose I have finally done it. And I had a camera on me to boot!

We were skiing on Sunday and saw some commotion on the side of the trail, but just assumed somebody had fallen into the woods. Luckily some ski patrol types were on the chair up with us the next time and mentioned how the moose on the loose was the big news at the mountain and that a little girl got majorly freaked out when the moose decided to cross the ski trail while the girl was comin’ right at him.

I was a little disappointed that it didn’t have big old moose horns, but they estimated it is only a two year old moose. Still pretty damn big for two.