northern state cold rocked the party

The actual New Year evening was wrung in at the Snow Barn at Mt Snow Vermont — featuring Northern State.


The crowd was good; they had the biggest tray of cheese you’ve ever seen; there is a big round fireplace in the back; foosball; smoke free; Vermonty bar goodness all around.

The ladies from Northern State put on a great show. Hip-hop with Long Island flair. Highly recommended if they come to your town. Plus their drummer has an afro worth the price of admission alone.



  1. holla back my ninja

    ur lady in the audience was worth the price of my performance alone.

    see u in hong kong


  2. u motherfucking suck… why the hell would you THINK you can rap? What are you trying to prove? Lil white rich kids can do more than get STDs? Black Star? WTF o.O are you culturally confused? are you ethnically blind? or just in denial.. I can understand being ashamed of coming from a sub-urban town but dont go making actual thugs look bad please…

  3. Holy shit.. thats as funny as that crack ass william hung!!! Dude are they serious?? Havent we had enough hoaxes?

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