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I just added a search link on the left. I am using Google until the gang over at Telligent Systems gets the new .Text 1.0 hotness aka Community Server released. (I’m running .96 now)

I stole this idea from the MS Exchange Team blog You Had Me At EHLO…  

Thanks to David Cumps for the original search button code

There seems to be a bit of javascript funkiness that is conflicting with my email link. Big giant shoutout to whoever can help me fix it.



  1. Other info: I added an important notice to the post about Google terms and rumours about sites being removed from the index, please check it out and decide for yourself 🙂

  2. i think it’s funny when you get a good geek slapping. Makes up for all those uncomfortable times for me in MicroCenter when you belittle the staff hehe.

  3. Oh sure, I joke with you, and you get mad at my tone? What the LOL was not enough for you?

    Hey Corey (still joking with you), who gave you the hints you needed to finally fix the code anyway?

    I think you owe me a beer at Tech Ed this year buddy! Its the least you can do 🙂

  4. when you fix this can you add to my site? but only when it’s really fixed, i don’t want to deal with an angry audience. i’ll add your logo.

  5. Search is picking up wasp now.

    I am wondering aloud here, but I wonder if technorati or one of the blog specific search engines would be better. Quicker to notice stuff and maybe larger cache.. I’ll look into it.

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