wasp decathlon

golf picture

Hit some golf balls at Chelsea Piers on Friday. They run a smooth operation over there. Pretty reasonable economically (for Manhattan). It is all electronic, you get a card with X number of balls on it, stick it in the machine (not pictured) and it even counts down how many you have left. The best part is that the ball is raised up from a machine under the ground — height adjusted via aforementioned machine. You don’t have to do anything but stand there and whack away. You can rent clubs for cheap and they are very high quality for rentals. Includes space heaters for cold weather action. Recommended.

And check out that form! (I’ll take pointers, but you better be USGA certified)



  1. Tennis, Paddle tennis, Skiing (but not snowboarding), running, cycling (road, not mountain), swimming (breast stroke preferred), sailingl, polo & punching hobos.

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