celebrity breakups that have ruined my faith in the institution of marriage

Did anyone else see this Brad and Jen breakup quote: “Brad said that they spent the rest of the holiday working out how they would release the news of the split. They worked out together the reasons they would give and how they would protect the brand they have built up.” How messed up does your life have to be when your biggest concern in getting a divorce is protecting your brand?

Brad and Jen is somewhat upsetting, but nowhere near the level of Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson or Spike Jonze and Sofia Coppola. How can I expect to find a (hetero) partner for life if Kenneth and Emma can’t work it out? I am still upset with Emma Thompson – I am somehow convinced it is her fault even though I have absolutely nothing to base it on. I know there are one or two other famous-couple-breakups that have contributed to my marriage-pessimism, but I can’t think of them. Suggestions? Am I the only one?



  1. SJP and matthew broderick are still together, so there’s hope. although you broke up with the hottest, coolest, funniest person who will ever sleep with you so i wouldnt set your personal expectations all that high.

  2. The Nicole Kidman/Tom Cruise breakup was huge…

    Another big breakup this year (though not divorce, because I don’t think they were ever married) was Barbie and Ken. They’ve been through a lot together for the past 40 years (think of all those career changes of Barbie’s).

  3. it is so sad that nick and Jessica might not be together asnymore because i love there Newlywed show i watch it every day that it plays so hopefully they did not breakup they are so cute together.

    As for Jen and Brad Pitt well everybody thought that they were going to last because they are the hottest couple in the buisness. They were made for each other they should stay together or at least try to work things out for the childrens sake.

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