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Time Magazine How Safe Are Our Troops? Why the Pentagon ended up with a shortage of armored vehicles for U.S. soldiers in Iraq:

The Army originally thought it needed 235 armored humvees to help bring peace to Iraq. But shortly after Bush declared major combat over in May 2003, the need for armored humvees took off like a rocket. Five months later, commanders in Iraq wanted 3,100. By early this year, the requirement was 4,000. Last month the total quietly doubled to 8,105. The Army, in other words, needs 35 times as many of these vital vehicles as its war plan predicted. [emphasis mine]

I don’t know about you, but if I missed my project plans at work by a factor of 35, I would be fired. Yeah, boss, this project will take 6 months … oops, I mean 17.5 years.

Seriously, they thought you could get by with 235 humvees for an entire country the size of California (attn Easterners: CA is huge, trust me)


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  1. there are 5 hummers that i just see parked on my block on the upper east side all the time! All the small businesses are getting them these days.

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