opgg (other people’s gadget guilt)

Here’s a weird trait o’ mine: (I wonder if I am the only one)

I do a lot of product recommendations for people. Computers, home electronics, phones, pdas, gadgets, whatever.

Now these things eventually get old and fail to perform to current standards. Sometimes I get follow-up calls from people like “yeah, you know that computer you recommended for me four years ago? Well, it isn’t working real good now and I need another one.” And what happens? I feel tremendous guilt/sadness for having made the suggestion and that person being out real money for something that I said to buy that isn’t worth anything anymore. Like I had stolen from them. Now I realize that this isn’t rational, but it happens to me constantly. I suppose it is the difference between someone who recommends, say, fine art — which gains value over time — and electronics which always lose it.

Just the other day Hollie showed me her MP3–CD player that I suggested a few years ago and how it paled when faced with my elegant iPod 4g; I wanted to cry.

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  1. Nah, people buy art with an eye to it increasing. electronics going out of style is part of the game. Maybe you could include ‘cusp analysis’ in your recommendations. You know "well, right now, this is the best model money can buy and this is other is the biggest bang for your buck BUT, in six months they’re coming out with some new ulimate models with retractable spindle wheels mounted on rocker panels that will re-vo-lutionize the industry. The decision’s yours. you can wait for something better… but you can always do that."

  2. Now if you had suggested the mini-disc your feelings might be slightly justified. Just remember how happy i was comparing the new cd player to my old 3 inch thick one!

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