f1 news – sauber unveil new ‘supercomputer.’

F1 News – Sauber unveil new ‘supercomputer.’

Sauber has continued its offensive in the field of aerodynamics, as only nine months after the launch of its ultra-modern wind tunnel, the Swiss team has now unveiled a new supercomputer for Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) at its headquarters in Hinwil.

‘Albert’, as the machine has been christened, is one of the most powerful in Formula One as well as the automotive industry as a whole and is some 30 times more powerful than any one used in the past by the team. The supercomputer was built by the Swiss company DALCO and has a total of 530 AMD Opteron processors installed in High-Density Cooling Enclosures supplied by American Power Conversion (APC).

Let it be said also that Sauber finished sixth out of ten teams and is one of the few privateer teams left in the sport. It is amazing that a mid-level team would be willing to spend God knows how much money on a 530 Opteron processor system to do work on aerodynamics. Good for them. Go Sauber.



  1. Let me first state that I have been a loyal Ferrari fan since the Sixties

    The latest fiasco with F-1 at Indy reinforces the view that most Americans have of Formula One, that is one of delicate, pampered litlle cars with drivers that have girls’ names buzzing around places like Monaco with Eurotrash jet setters looking on. It really is too sad that Michelin can’t develop a tire that can go around a six degree banked turn without blowing up! At least, figure it out before the race. Only a French company could manage to so totally wimp out in a racing venue….pathetic!

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